Dangerous toys: they sell a childrens stores



Toys that are sold in supermarkets and on the capital markets, pose a threat.

Every second toy, according to Gospotrebinspektsii Ukraine, can cause serious health problems a child. At the same time leaders in the number of low-quality toys are on sale Kiev and Kiev region.

What danger are children's toys, and how to protect your child from low-quality goods, says "Browser".

Toys that poison and injure children

"We bought my daughter a bright pink ball. Baby play with him two days dragged into the hands and bit. As a result, a cough. Once the toy was removed — cough disappeared. First, the ball had a weak odor, which eventually became sharper "- writes Mom 4-year-old Nastya on one of the capital's forums. "Near the subway bought rubber hedgehog. After a few hours of playing with him his son start vomiting. When I licked the toy — the taste of it was bitter, "- echoes another member forum.

Such stories can find thousands. Because, unfortunately, our intention to create a feast for the child, buying a coveted doll or a typewriter, often results in health problems. Inadequate laws, the existence of clandestine importation of goods for children and their extremely low quality of harmless fun turn into a real threat to health, and sometimes the lives of young people of Kiev.

According Gospotrebinspektsii Ukraine, more than 60%, ie every second of the toys tested by the inspectors, found substandard. "It's not just about the actual problem of child health, and nothing of bleeding. Since August 2012 we have tested 255,000 units of children's goods, mostly toys. Rejected State Inspection 154 thousand, is 60% of the total number of proven products, "- said the head of the market supervision of the State Inspectorate for Consumer Protection Sergey Kiyanichenko.

And it is only when checking wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and importers. If we take into account the retail outlet — the number of low-quality toys jumps to 70%. "Where do these extra 10% — can only guess. We have an unscrupulous manufacturer, we work in good faith customs, or they come to our market through smuggling. These figures suggest, that there is a well-established system of delivery of the defective goods, "- said Kiyanichenko, adding that the leader in the number of substandard or even dangerous to the health of children toys traditionally the Kiev and Kiev region.

According to the SSC, 90% of the toys lead to mechanical injury: the cuts and sharp corners, burrs in shoddily made toys. Also frequent cases of suffocation, in particular due to the ingestion of small baby items. In second place — poisoning harmful chemicals contained in toys. "Exposure to chemicals — the second largest cause of injuries and health problems the child up to the deaths. This order of 4-6% of cases. Until about 2% are injured by fire. In other cases, not been able to determine, and therefore were injured ", — says Yuri Mikhailov, Head of the testing of toys Ukrmetteststandarta.

Toxic toys: with arsenic and mercury

Statistics released dangerous and Ukrainian Environmental NGO "MAMA-86". In the framework of the international project "Chemical safety of toys for children" representatives of the organization purchased in Kiev supermarkets, specialty children's stores and natural markets of 50 samples of toys — and sent them to a laboratory in Armenia, where the study was conducted centrally by the content of the six toxic metals: lead, mercury, , arsenic, antimony, cadmium and chromium.

The results hit the 38% of the toys found to contain toxic metals at concentrations much higher than the permissible limits. "Of the 50 acquired in Ukraine toys 7 (14%) in the range contain lead in excess of the allowable values. 10 samples (20%) contained antimony. In 5 samples of arsenic found in 1 — mercury, 3 — chrome, 1 — cadmium. At 5 toys (10%) have found more than one toxic metal, "- said the coordinator of the project in Ukraine Olga Tsyguleva.

At the same time, despite the fact that more than 80% of the toys on the market of Ukraine — made in China, participants of the state: the danger of toys does not depend on its "nationality." Toxic toys were identified among domestic products.

Do not buy toys near the metro and without trefoil

According to statistics, the child plays a toy for about two hours a day. During this time she loses up to 8 mg of his material. Therefore, it is possible that toxic substances can enter the body baby. Prolonged contact with the toy, comprising, for example, antimony, may adversely affect the thyroid gland — a substance inhibits its function, causing nosebleeds, skin lesions, impaired sexual function. Lead increases the risk of cancer, as well as arsenic. Chromium inhibits the growth, and increases in blood cholesterol levels. Cadmium causes acute poisoning and affects primarily the central nervous system, liver and kidneys. A similar effect has and mercury.

If regulators identify products that do not meet accepted quality standards in Ukraine — they can fine the manufacturer or seller, to prohibit selling dangerous toys or to take the whole lot. But check the same Gospotrebinspektsiya can be carried out either by the plan, or responding to consumer complaints. But complaints arise when poor quality toy has already brought some harm. To avoid this — it is better to play it safe and stick to a few rules.

First, always ask for a certificate of conformity of the goods. Of course, this is not always 100% guaranteed quality, but its absence greatly increases the chances that you will buy low quality products. "In part 2 of article 50 of the Constitution states that the information is no one can be classified. You are required to provide this information. If you do not provide it — you can even sue only on the basis of the article, because it is the norm of direct action "- advises lawyer Alexei Shumilo.

Also pay attention to the label: there must necessarily be a sign of conformity — shamrock, mark the national standard DSTU. About many things can be said for the type of goods. "You have to choose carefully, do not miss the first available. If a very bright color, strong odor comes from a toy — why buy it? "- Stressed the representative of the All-Ukrainian Environmental NGO" MAMA-86 "Olga Tsyguleva. Also, do not buy toys at the entrance to the subway or on the spontaneous market. After all, the time saved and a few hryvnia may cost too much.

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