Day Svarog

Day Svarog

In spring 1918, the great Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Academician Pavlov made in Petrograd public lectures "about the mind in general, and in particular the Russian mind." Their motive was the Great Commandment: "Know thyself."

Scientist counted his duty to try to give some material to characterize the Russian mind. He established and characterized the 8 basic tools and techniques, what has the proper functioning mind, and put this feature as a criterion, a bushel for the Russian mind.

One can speculate about the reasons that prompted Pavlov apply to the classification of the features of the "Russian mind." In impoverished, starving country, dying in the fire of civil war, his own mind of the scientist-analyst trying to discover and understand the reasons for the ensuing disaster …

Between lectures Pavlov and us is a period in which the final parallel is clearly visible: the turmoil in Russia today, however — the new turmoil abruptly all her past troubles and hard times.

Russia has once again found itself in the occupation. But it is so specific, that the inhabitant of anything does not know, he does not see roam around Moscow and the outback martinet uniformed U.S. or NATO with guns blazing … Neookkupanty long understood: "the most rebellious nation on earth" — the Russian (according to Allen, Dallas) , "it's time to take" cold means of information warfare. They changed the "hot gun" on cold-rational — psycholinguistic zombie, notorious psychotropic weapons, hitting his head and the mind of the Russian people. The grand victory of Russia in the "hot" World War II, it increased the moral and military and economic power, not a little overshadowed by the organizers of this "performance." "Writers" had to resort to a variant of the "cold", or information war unleashed against Russia in 1948, and triumphantly completed in 1991-1993.

Ideological occupants contrasted information warfare and information technology of the same media, the abbreviation of which, has not lost natural wisdom Russian, dubbed as "the media idiotizatsii."

Today's ideological worldview and occupation of Russia is nothing new. Its ferocious enemies resorted to this form of occupation or after the complete defeat (in the case of the Khazar Khanate, destroyed in 965 by Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich) or not, "they decided" Russia militarily.

The defeat of the Khazar Khanate turned to Russia in 988, and the ideological enslavement of the occupation in the face of Judeo-Christianity. Russian egregore was broke and depressed foreign egregore with "foreign" god. The conquerors did not disdain even occupy the Slavic word "Orthodoxy", hooking it to the name of a foreign religion.

Etymology of the word "Orthodox" — "praise the rule."

Rights was one of the incarnations (and dominant) Slavic concept of God Triglav: Nav-right-Reality. This Trinitarian idea of God existed in pagan Orthodox Russia for several millennia before in 325 at the Council of Nicaea invaders came to the idea of the Trinitarian trehipostasnosti stranger to praising God: Yahweh, Jehovah of hosts.

So in Russia to establish "dvuvlastie" Orthodoxy: Vedic orthodoxy (Official Orthodoxy) associated with the Russian egregore and Judeo-Orthodox (Jewish-Orthodox), serving the Jewish egregore to this day, using as a media — idiotizatsii two books: the "old" (Jewish) and "new" (Christian), bound in one — "the Bible."

It is no accident in Russia there is a belief that the so-called orthodoxy — it is none other than the Russified Judeo-Christianity in one of its branches, "subsidiary company" with offices in Russia.

Now the question is different: why do we need something foreign-Russified, when Russia was and is its 100% Russian — Vedic orthodoxy.

In 1917 it was the turn of the Judeo-Marxist ideological occupation and Judeo-Orthodoxy had to make room. In 1991 — 1993 years. have had to make room Judeo-Marxism, see who has performed for the sake of the Judeo-capitalism its role. The last time, in the spirit of an alien Russia planted a market economy while resuscitate hunted in the catacombs of the Judeo-Judeo-Marxism or Russian Orthodox Judeo-Orthodox church, wrong is still referred to as the Russian Orthodox Church.

How the tragic ignorance Russian people under the leadership of the Great Helmsman — Russian iudopravoslavnoy church — is the second millennium "plow" the occupation egregore-Jewish, Russian occultism defines as follows: "From the pagan Christianity took spiritual origins of stellar knowledge, but of demonic pagan reservoir of knowledge borrowed elements of sacrifice and cannibalism.

Thus, in the ritual of Christianity is the rite of communion, in which the people under the pretense of offering bread prosvirok taste the body of Jesus, and under the guise of offering wine to drink the blood of the Lord.

Modern people have already received some of the scientific information on the transfer of bioenergy and bioprogramm away through photos and images submitted. And since Jesus was a Jew, then by way of the absorption of the body and blood of people of different nationalities attached to cannibalism andcharged Jewish program —mass energy above ground operating time consciousness of people (in this case, of the tribe of Judah) take dissenters.

About what "morality" is introduced into the people themselves, through the ritual of consuming program Jew, believers must understand the general knowledge of the Jewish tribe, which is being implemented initially through incest and trade (today a market economy), and then marked their power wars, looting , revolutions, tyranny.

So do people need to know that, symbolically eating the flesh and blood of Christ, they are trapped because of this they set themselves the penalty, bringing Jews to massacre their own souls. "

Now is the "Day of Svarog" and the Age of Aquarius, the zodiac sign of Russia, have come to replace the "Night of Svarog" and the Age of Pisces, condone occupiers. But for that we, the Russian people have to understand that national security — safety first information and intellectual!

VYNikitinAcademician.   Moscow.

Material published (in abridged form) in the newspaper:

                               Russian Gazette. — № 36.


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