Defense in modern Russian films

The theme of war in his own films have resorted virtually all of the most famous directors not only of, and the whole world. Of course, for us, a fascinating film, of course, are specifically Russian tape. The events that are at the basis of the scenario, we often hear in the news and allows viewing of feature films with a certain reality to reconstruct a picture of what happened. Remember the movie "9 rota". Indeed indicative tape. Look no tears this movie could neither one the viewer and it is not in a charming performance of the actors, and in the experience of the events that formed the basis of the movie. War Afghanistan is described in almost all books and featured in numerous documentaries and feature films. We can recall one of the first movie filmed on the war in Afghanistan, "Afghan Breakdown" with a unique Michele Placido. Yes movie enthralling and since when were shooting even more revolutionary and controversial, but to convey the drama of the war movie failed. In this regard, "9 rota" of course, is the best movie hesitation. What we talk about ordinary viewers, even if the soldiers-internationalists came out of the cinema hall with tears in his eyes, and it says a lot.

Military themes in contemporary Russian films

A lot of attention in the modern Russian cinematography is paid not only shooting the film, which lie at the basis of the action nedavneshnih military conflicts, and the film narrating the events majestically Russian War.

Since 2000 to the present day, shot a lot of fun and high-quality films that are quite accurately the actions of a terrible war. One of the best films can be distinguished "in August 44th …" directed by Mike Ptashuk and "Star" directed by Nikolai Lebedev. Cinema is really cool. Directors so really able to convey the actions of those days, which was created impression that all is not 70 years ago, and almost before the shooting movies. Of course, it helped not only the skill of Prof. directors, and the beautiful game of actors who were able to fairly accurately convey images of Russian fighter.

Defense in modern cinematography, it is not only war in the trenches and intelligence operations, there are films that speak about the wonderful feeling of love that is without looking at all the fears and disasters, continued to live. One of the clearest examples of such film was the film "Franz + Polina". In the base film is a love story which appeared between the Russian and the German woman young men.

Starred in several films and non-standard style with the presence of fiction, and even satire. Aroused considerable interest the movie "We're from the future." Indeed movie, despite the presence of a mind-blowing time travel has become quite fascinating and even exciting, but to say the same thing about the continuation of "We're from the future 2" can not help looking at what the young audience for this movie went quite massively. For example, in Ukraine, "We're from the future 2" was banned because of the refractive index of the creators of the film the true story of the events of those times.

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