Discharges into the Volga near Kostroma not revealed — power

Repeated tests of water samples in the Volga River in the urban water utility scours showed no presence of sewage contamination, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the Administration of Kostroma Victor Yemets.

"Today we received the laboratory re conclusion, according to which no discharges from water utility networks in the Volga River were not available, and the formation of gullies was due to the regulation of hydropower, changing the flow velocity of the river, breaking the ice and the formation of hummocks," — said the official.

According to the laboratory water utility, the quality of water entering the Volga left bank treatment plant does not exceed the maximum permissible values. According to the monthly data for December 2012, a slight deviation from the sanitary standards were only on the content of iron in water (0.54 milligrams per cubic decimeter at a rate of 0.3 milligrams).

Residents Kostroma earlier appealed to the city authorities to conduct an independent study of the water quality in avtopeshehodnogo bridge across the Volga, where, despite the extreme cold, freezing, formed a large polynya. Previously reported that the city's main sewer, which runs along the bottom of the Volga, is in critical condition, his wall thinned to dangerous levels. Meanwhile, the new collector, whose construction in Kostroma is already more than two years, has not yet been commissioned.

In December last year, seeing the Volga freezing wormwood residents to actively express the authorities fear that the polynya could be the consequence of the accident at the hidden communal sewerage networks. In their applications townspeople said that in case of emergency drains can poison the Volga and the cause of mass diseases in Kostroma. In December 2012, the head of administration for the treatment of water utility has conducted studies of Volga water near the bridge, but the violation of sanitary norms analysis revealed.

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