Discloses a secret mystical levitation?

May 13, 2012 9:13

Does the knowledge of ancient civilizations such that are not known to modern science? Are the ancient Egyptians were amazing technology that allowed to erect majestic pyramids — technologies that for some reason have been forgotten?

The ruins of some ancient civilizations — from Stonehenge to the pyramids — can be seen that, for the erection of its monuments, the ancient peoples used the huge stones. The logical question is why? Why the big rocks, incredible size, at the time, as the same design could be built with the help of smaller items — bricks or concrete blocks, as we build today?

Maybe the answer is that these ancient people there was some machinery hoisting massive blocks weighing several tons by air? This technique, which allows to do the job are simple, just as today we can lift bricks weighing one kilogram? These people, according to the researchers, could to master the art of levitation, through speakers or some other obscure method that allowed them to break the laws of gravity and easy to move objects in the air.

Pyramids of Egypt

Question were built the Egyptian pyramids discussed millennia. The fact remains that no one definitely can not say exactly how they were built. For today's leading scientists say that it has been involved in construction from 4000 to 5000, and for all the work it took 20 years. Great Pyramid was erected with ropes, pulleys, inclined ladders, brute force and clever ingenuity.

It is pretty much the truth. But in one of the historical texts is a very intriguing passage, dating from 10m century Arab historian Abul Husan Ali Al-Masudi, known as the Arab Herodotus. Before settling in Egypt, Ali traveled to all while open people, everywhere. Al-Masudi created 30-volume history of the world. He was so overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Egyptian pyramids, he wrote about how to transport the huge building blocks. First, according to him, the "magic papyrus" placed under the stone to move it. Then the stone hit the metal rod, which allowed him to get off the ground and soar along the paved trails, fenced with metal poles. And so rock moved along the trail, said Ali, a distance of about 50 meters and then fell to the ground. The process is repeated each time until the stone was placed at the spot where it was necessary to builders.

Given the fact that the pyramids already at that time, it was a thousand years, when Al-Masudi wrote his explanation, we have the right to challenge the information. Perhaps this myth by word of mouth from generation to generation Egyptians passed each other? Unusual historical detail and justify doing so. Or is it all a fairy tale was invented by some talented writer, who, like many others today, admired the pyramids, suggesting that, of course, to create this massive structure was to be involved a supernatural power?

Suppose that some levitation force was applied, but which one? Whether the force of impact metal rod vibrated that caused acoustic levitation, or whether the very location of the stones on the path and vertical slats to create magic levitation. If so, then neither of the scenario in which the story that is not known to us today.

Other stunning megaliths

The Egyptian pyramids are not the only ancient structures, built of huge stone blocks. In all points of the compass long ago constructed great temples and monuments consist of the same incredible size of stones, but the technology of construction, we know virtually nothing.

In his book, "The Bridge to infinity" Bruce Cathie says amazing story, as he claims, as described in a German magazine. The story is about the amazing feats of levitation, executable Tibetan priests in a monastery in the Himalayan mountains. Here are excerpts from the German article:

A Swedish doctor Yarl studied at Oxford. In those years, he became friends with a young Tibetan student. A few years later, namely in 1939, Dr. Yarl of the English scientific community went on a trip to Egypt. There he found a messenger of the Tibetan students and asked me to come to Tibet to treat the great Lama. The doctor took a vacation and, after a long journey by plane, and then the road to the monastery caravans of yaks, he came to the house Lama.

One Tibetan doctor friend showed an amazing place, not far from the monastery — a meadow, on a slope, surrounded on the north-west by high mountains. In one of the rocks was the gorge-like entrance to the cave. Ahead of the gorge was the platform on which the monks were building a rock wall. The only possible passage to the platform ran across the top of the mountain, and the monks came down with ropes.
In the middle of meadows in the distance about 250 meters from the rock is polished slab of rock with a bowl-like shell in the middle. The cup has a diameter of 1m and depth of 15cm. Bulls dragged there stone block feet wide and five feet long. Then, under the arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 meters from the stone slab installed 19 musical instruments. A radius of 63 meters was very accurately weighed. The orchestra consisted of 13 drums and 6 pipes.

Each of the tool becomes a row of monks. When the stone was prepared, a monk at a small drum gave a sign to start the concert. Small drum differed very sharp sound, he was heard, even when all of the tools created a deafening clatter. Monks chanted prayers, gradually increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. In the first four minutes nothing happened, but then with increasing speed drumming and voice noise, the big stone block started to rock and suddenly rose above the stove, and then moved with incredible speed in the direction of the platform in the middle of the gorge in the cave. There, at an altitude of 250 meters three minutes later he fell to the platform.

Continuing to bring new stone blocks to the meadow, using the same method, the monks transported from 5 to 6 stones per hour on a parabolic trajectory of about 500 meters in length and 250 meters in height. From time to time a stone split, and the monks were cleaning up the pieces. Thus, Dr. Yarl was the first foreigner who watched this amazing show. Tibetan experts Linaver, Spaulding and Hook mentioned this, but have never seen the like. Dr. Yarl, in its opinion, was the victim of a mass psychosis, he even filmed two movies based on the events he was witnessing.
British community in which it operates Yarl doctor, confiscated the films, declaring them secret. They were not released until 1990.
But were actually show these movies in 1990? Do they exist at all?

Coral Castle

What a pity that these secrets of levitation — if they ever existed — are lost in the depths of antiquity and the Himalayas. They remained inaccessible to modern Western man. Perhaps it is not so …

In early 1992, Edward Lidskalkin, growth of 152 cm and a weight of 45 kg immigrant from Latvia started to build an amazing building in the city of Homestead, Florida. Over a period of 20 years in Lidskalkin odnochku built a house, which he named Rock Gate Park, known to all as the Coral Castle. Always working at night, he alone managed to extract from the quarry coral stones, sanding, transport and install the impressive buildings and sculptures of his unique home.

It is estimated that about 1,000 tons of coral rock were used in the construction of walls and towers, and another of 100 tons were made carved furniture and objects:
— Obelisk erected Lidskalkin weighs 28 tons
— The wall surrounding the castle has a height of 2 meters 44 cm and consists of large blocks each weighing several tons.
— 9-ton overhead doors that are set in motion by a finger touch

The largest stone of this structure weighs 35 tons
Some stones are twice as heavy as that of the largest blocks that built the Great Pyramid at Giza.
All of which he made himself, not even using machinery. No one witnessed how Lidskalkin was able to move and raise such huge stones, but claim that some teenagers spying on him, and have seen "flying coral stones like hydrogen balloons."
Lidskalkin their methods kept in strict confidence, saying only: "I have revealed the secrets of the pyramids. I know how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set blocks of stone weighing several tons. "
If Lidskalkin really opened the ancient secrets of levitation, he took them with him to the grave.

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