In the experiments, often the same effect is achieved without direct sight. For some reason, people who have been trained by suggesting something to the victim, his eyes focused not so much on her eyes, but rather on the fact that they're …

Third Eye?

This phenomenon has repeatedly demonstrated psychics Nina Kulagina and Mikhail Kuzmenko. Film placed in a light-tight envelope, it was applied to the forehead, after which it appeared ordered image. Classical science of man, this phenomenon can not yet explain. But the ancient Eastern tradition claims that the ability to receive and radiate mental images have a special energy centers — chakras. And in this kind of activity "specializes" so-called Ajna Chakra — the energy center, which has been called the "third eye."

I must say, the cult of the "third eye" has ancient roots. In many Eastern beliefs this unusual body — almost mandatory accessory gods. It is believed that he let them contemplate the whole backstory of the universe, to see the future, easily look into any corners of the universe. Image of the "third eye" on the forehead of deities often seen in the paintings and sculptures of Buddhist temples.

Some researchers believe that it is — the memory of extraterrestrial (alien) progenitors of mankind. According to extant legends, "seeing eye" was granted his remarkable abilities — hypnosis and clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to draw directly from the knowledge of the cosmic mind, know the past and the future, and even to work on gravity. The memory of the divine eye, lives in Eastern traditions to this day: just look at the spot on the forehead of Indian women. And among us, a lot of people that wanted to return the once lost "divine" abilities. One of the main challenges that they themselves set, — the opening of the "third eye" and devotes years of intense spiritual asceticism. Surprisingly, these enthusiasts really seek the disclosure of paranormal psychic abilities. Here is the testimony of one who knows about this area firsthand: "Just as the light rays pass through the glass, or x-rays through opaque objects, the yogi can see objects behind a thick wall, to know the contents of the letter in a sealed envelope or hidden treasure under the ground with his inner spiritual eye "(Swami Sivananda).

The scope of this "third eye" is out of our usual three dimensions. Yoga, to reveal at this "spiritual eye" can watch the events taking place at great distances and at any time: past, present, or future. In India, these people are called "Trikala zhna" — "know the three times."

However, the phenomenal abilities has not every yogi — it all depends on the degree of development of the "third eye." Tradition distinguishes four stages. Lowest allows a person to see objects and people unusually colored or surrounded by an aura, which changes its shape and color depending on the physical and emotional state of its owner.

At the next stage of familiar objects and events may appear in an unusual perspective — for example, from the inside or from the bird's flight. Most often, the observed pattern relate to the present or recent past. At that stage sometimes become visible particularly powerful thought forms, for example, religious or other symbols — the fruit of the collective concentration of people. At first, these visions are not very clear and firm, but with the further development of the "third eye" to increase the brightness and clarity.

But there comes a time when the observed "third eye" of the picture is just as good in that we see the usual sight. Although they are usually short-lived, even these moments enough to fine details, and details.

Experts assert that the described three stages with the proper training are available to almost everyone, and even that is very important for blind people. And at the recent development of "second sight" occurs most rapidly and successfully. But the fourth stage of the opening of the "third eye" — Masters degree — is available to very few. To reach it, one has to devote himself to spiritual perfection. Only then can it become adept — "those who have nothing more to learn." But not because he knows everything, but because he does not need more he studied hundreds of books, listen to hours of lectures, leaning over to peer into a microscope or telescope. His spiritual vision enables you to know and see all that he wants — regardless of time and space. Fiction?

Yes there is this legendary eye, really? There are different opinions. Argument one: the living beings "third eye" — not such a rarity. Most often it is found in reptiles, especially snakes and lizards. They have a real parietal eye for him in the skull, even an opening. Reptiles is closed translucent skin, and this led scientists to assume that it works not only in the light range. Hunch was confirmed: it turned out that the body is sensitive to millimeter-wave and the magnetic field. It is also assumed that it captures ultra-and infrasound. And that is why reptiles beforehand feel natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanoes, and even magnetic storms. Expressed a different opinion: to anticipate these things can and thanks to the special properties of the "third eye" — take "fine" about the future of the information field of the planet. Remember the legend of the "serpent of wisdom"?

But it reptiles. A person? Where is the evidence that he also had a "third eye"?

It turns out they are. And very convincing. First, the data embryology. Second, this amazing body on the crown or at the back sometimes occurs in people who live near us.
American teacher neck watching TV. Photos from the newspaper "Top Secret"

"In order not to arouse curiosity, I wear long hair — says Amy Hanson, twenty-five year teacher from Columbus (USA). — They did not stop me from seeing everything. When I was a child, kids teased, invented nasty nickname Tsiklopka. However, almost all of my envy. "Third Eye" — good help at all … I showed it to his disciples, who were trying to mischief behind me, and explained that I was born a teacher. They had to live with it. " Amy really has three eyes. And third, located at the back, she can see better than two "normal" — nearsighted. The advantages are obvious: Amy, standing behind the plate, watching TV nape without mirrors sees what is happening behind the car …

First in Indian legends about the "third eye" — "the eye of imagination and dreams" — believed the British and German scientists. In the 80 years of the nineteenth century, they have put forward the hypothesis that people have the same "third eye", as in primitive reptiles. A man, they say, he eventually fell into the skull. This idea is not dead, and today suggests that this mysterious organ is nothing like the pineal gland (epiphysis) — a small, pea-sized, pear-shaped formation of red-brown color, located in front of the cerebellum. True, Material scientists believe that the impact on the psyche of the pineal gland is limited by its indirect effect on the production of serotonin. But among scholars and those who gives this mysterious organ and special features. They believe that the "third eye" — the same "antenna", which gives a person the psychic qualities that the body is able to receive and radiate "thin" energy — to "see" what is going on outside the body and inside it.

However, the new — is well forgotten old. It seems that the existence and functions of this mysterious organ guessed even the great Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). He was convinced that the human mind is a special spherical zone, in which the soul is — the same body that is considered to be responsible for communication with God. Who knows whether the great thinker approached close to unraveling destination epiphysis?

And do not speak of the same studies in recent years? It is known that in the pineal gland contains a so-called "brain sand" (aservulus segebralis) — mineral spherical bodies ranging in size from a millimeter to two millimeters. And while it is available to all people from birth, why is it needed, scientists do not yet know. But there is a very interesting hypothesis. Thus, X-ray analysis captures the "grain of sand" the existence of some silicon-crystal structures. But experiments showed unusual information properties "brain sand": it seems that in its microscopic holographic information contained everything the human body.

This suggested that the "crystals" epiphysis carry holograms and form the main focus of the human body that sets the rhythm of its spatial-temporal existence. Believe Sc.D. AM Panichev and Doctor of Technical Sciences AN Gulkov, synchronization of the center is not without external "radiation nonelectromagnetic instantly propagated from a number of space objects" (from the sun, moon, planets, solar system, …). Furthermore, they believe that the basic, fundamental property of quasicrystals epiphysis is "the ability to" pull "of space at the moment of fertilization … field component (field phantom) [in fact — the "soul". — VP] and start the process of materializing on a real plane. "

Epiphysis is haunted by the researchers. Trying to understand its purpose, some of them paid attention to the amazing agility of the mysterious body, like the ability to rotate the eye. Even talking about the direct similarity of the pineal gland with the globe, as it also has a lens and receptors for color perception. Justifying their hypothesis, the researchers point out that the activity of the gland is largely stimulated by light signals coming from the eyes. Expressed the view that over the millennia of inactivity epiphysis decreased significantly in size, and it was once (and in the future will again be) size of a large cherry. In general, search, speculate … Is the pineal eye, thus, who was once on top of the head or on the forehead, or an independent body with supervozmozhnostyami, is difficult to say. However, there is another, albeit indirect, evidence that the pineal gland is effectively connected with vision and specific information power of man. Marked by a very interesting pattern: some people who have dedicated themselves to spiritual practices and acquire specific information and mental qualities as a result of hormonal changes the body's bone thinning at the crown so that the place is only skin — a kind of "snake eyes."

This may cause confusion. "Let — once surprised one of my opponents — Image mental images appear on the plate when it is applied to the forehead, but not to the back of the head!"

But there is no contradiction. Furthermore, in theory, everything is as it should be probably the "third eye" (if any) located on top of the head or on the back of the head — the forehead to do was just nothing there and so the two vigil eye. This created an almost all-round view: in dangerous situations as indispensable. But in the process of evolution, for whatever reasons unclear to us, "the third eye" plunged into the depths of the brain. However, he retained his mobility and, as it follows from the principle of effectiveness, to orient its axis attention to where the information comes up. What? Of course, not the visual (visible light because now he was not available), and the "thin" — And where does telepathic maximum flow telepathic signals? Of course, in front, from the one who drew the attention of the "host", from a person with whom he deals, from the beast, preparing to jump … Naturally, the mobile "third eye" plan its two-way lens in this direction — forward. Hence, he now draws much information here and also emits its. Therefore, draw it on the forehead — there, whence the stream of invisible telepathic signals …

By the way, this hypothesis explains the meaning of good old device — the tefillin, which are placed on his head during a prayer focus. This simple device is a cube made of leather attached to a leather same site with two straps. Cylinders are placed inside a cube of tightly twisted strips of parchment. Praying wearing tefillin so that the axis cylinders were directed perpendicular to the forehead. Most likely, there are shown two effects. One of these is the so-called "form fields" created by cavitary structures, in our case, parchment scrolls. The other is related to the fact that the radiation coincide with the axis of "sight" of the "third eye", which means that most stimulate the activity of the pineal gland — this "organ of clairvoyance." Version of the "third eye pineal =" good answers to other mysteries. Thus, one of the methods to impose their thoughts companion recommends looking into his eyes, focus your vision (one of the most powerful telepathic channels) is not on them, and behind them, in the depths of the brain. Attentive man can "calculate" this "hypnotist" by special ("glass"), the expression of his eyes: they look as if through a speaker. The hypothesis of the functions of the pineal gland is responsible clairvoyant, and one more question: why in their seances predictions magicians and soothsayers from ancient times resorted to the help of children and virgins. The fact is that (and this is now well established), the pineal gland is directly related to the reproductive system, abstinence rather strongly activates it. Following simple logic, we can assume that children under the age of puberty, the main power of the pineal gland is not directed to the sexual and the spiritual realm. It is no coincidence that the people who seek union with God, a vow of abstinence. Thus they will enhance the specific activity of the gland. Perhaps this is a special mode of operation due to the high susceptibility of the epiphysis of the holy elders and hermits to the "voice over" and the "divine vision".

Vitaly Pravdivtsev. "Top Secret"

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