Dmitry Sosnowski published a textbook history of the Belarusian musician

Book by Dmitry Sosnowski "History of the Belarusian musical culture from antiquity to the end of the XVIII century" published by "Harvest" edition of one thousand copies. The book claims to be the first textbook of the history of folk music, although it does not have proper stamp of the Ministry of Education.

Well-known musician, the founder and leader of the band of medieval music "Stary Olsa" dedicated to the collection and ordering of materials for a textbook nine years of his life. And to do this it made the absence of such a publication in Belarus. Dmitry Sosnowski expect to write such a book domestic musicologists or historians, but as time went on, and the students still do not have anything to study for a huge amount of national culture.

"That's our group," Stary Olsa "deals with ancient music, and we have to regularly justify why we have played on these instruments, how we have made arrangements to why we chose it, the speed and everything else. A textbook on the history of the Belarusian musician is not in our universities. "


Mr. Sosnowski himself decided to write a textbook. And this is the fruit of nine years out of print. On more than Four hundred pages of thematically and chronologically, systematically isolated to this information on the musical culture of the people in the center of Europe. It first discusses the theme of military, signal and epic music, life and work in Belarus Western composers of the Baroque, Classification of Belarusian instruments in foreign museums.

The whole book is divided into five sections, which are complemented by separate articles about the mysterious phenomena in the history of Russian music, as well as vasmimovnym directory of folk instruments.

The publication of scientific and popular, it has classified as "textbook" or even "manual", because the author — not an academic researcher and did not collect on their work numerous reviews of scientific authority and visa related agencies on education. The main thing, says Mr. Sosnowski that this book was:

"I think for a long time, while in reality a great nation does not will be another textbook on the history of folk music, this will be an informal guide. "

The publishers promise that this first informal tutorial Dmitry Sosnowski on the history of Belarusian music will be on the shelves of bookstores country.


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