Do not give your child candy — has lost parental rights

Subject to protect children from parents in the community is hotly disputed. About that, is it really scary juvenile justice system, in the studio of the "Morning of Russia" has told the head of the Public Center for Legal Expertise and legislative activities Olga Letkova.
According to Olga Letkovoy, engage in tracking the situation of minors in the family will continue the guardianship, and not some new structure, but this will now be done differently. From now on, officials will oversee the living conditions and education, not only in the family, came to the attention of violations, but also in well. The problem with this approach is that the criteria of good and evil does not exist, and it all depends on the personal opinions of each official.

If he had the impression that the family socially dangerous, it may require to establish the social patronage (ten years of age the child himself may be involved in the establishment of social patronage).

Social patronage as a way to keep the baby in the family: the parents did not immediately deny the rights of the child, and the first attempt to re-educate. This often happens and excesses, for example, children may complain that they were not allowed to walk at night or have not sweet before dinner. According to Olga Letkovoy, this is a serious problem that threatens the complete disappearance of the families desire to have children.

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