Dolmen in Adygea — the worlds stone tomb with burials of people

April 10, 2012 19:10



Archaeologists exploring the dolmen "Koliha", located on the territory of Adygea amazed skills of people who lived in this land of about 4 thousand years ago. Inside dolmen burial are people for 450 years.

All these facts can be called a dolmen in Adygea — the world's only a stone tomb with burials of people. The tomb buried more than seventy people — men, women and adolescents, there is no one older than 60 years and no baby.

Dolmen donated to the State Historical Museum for its 140th anniversary. Now it is the only museum in the world, the exhibition which is currently dolmen weighing about 5 tons. Carry an artifact in a museum, it would be like to move the Great Pyramid Valley of the Kings in the Museum of Cairo.

Dolmen discovered by accident, during a change Koliha river whose waters have washed away the stone tomb of the Bronze Age. Scientists save historic structure, as in two or three years, it would be completely destroyed by the river Koliha. Two years, archaeologists and local residents removed the stone slabs weighing not less than a ton out of the water at a depth of 5 m

The scientists were able to study the disposal of the people, the life of which modern science knows virtually nothing, and unravel one of the mysteries of dolmens, said to have been built of local residents dwarfs appeared in Adygea earlier people. Dolmen discovered many mysteries. One was a sensational discovery. Archaeologists simply could not imagine how these tombs were buried adults when the hole in the dolmens not exceed 43 cm in diameter. Dolmen Adygea answered this question. Ancient Adyghe, as the people of Egypt, embalmed bodies of the dead, and then these mummies were laid inside the dolmen.

As you know, there are similar facilities throughout Europe, but most of them are located in the Caucasus. Strange, in Russia know more about Stonehenge, what about the famous all over the world dolmens Caucasus.

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