Don Cassens Shipyard has commissioned a head oil tanker project RST05 «Narva

May 17, 2013 "Don Cassens Shipyard" has commissioned a head oil tanker project RST05 «Narva" deadweight in the sea / river — 3952/2865 tons.


"Don Cassens Shipyard" — a joint venture established in 1995 on the initiative of JSC "Volga-Don Shipping Company" and "Shipyard and Engineering Works Cassens GmbH" (Germany), who are the founders of the Shipyard. The shipyard is located on the left bank of the river Aksai (a tributary of the Don). In March 2002, the founders entered the German firm "Tillmann» (Johannes Tillmann GmbH &Co.KG).
Customer tanker series of river-sea going vessels of the two is the company "AzovTransTerminal."
Tankers are built for the company "Donbunker."

RST05 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

The project is a deep modernization of the dry and liquid cargo vessels of 1,570 hybrids. Before placing on the adaptation of the ship was called "Nefterudovoz-25M" and was built in 1979 on CVD "Kama" (Perm)

Tanker project RST05 built on the class of the Polish Register of Shipping KM CRUDE OIL TANKER ESP II E.
Vessels of RST05 designed for mixed (river-sea) and sea transportation of bulk crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash. Provides simultaneous transport of two kinds of cargo.
In ships of the project RST05 longitudinal bulkhead is provided in the DP, there is space for cargo pumps, cargo tanks is not set, there is a developed trunk of.

Court satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga — Baltic Way. Overall length of the vessel RST05 project is 118.87 m, breadth — 13.0 m, depth — 5.8 m
Capacity of eight cargo tanks and two slop tanks 4427 cubic meters. m, deadweight — about 3955 tons with a draft 4.30 m, in the river draft of 3.60 meters — about 2,868 tons, cruising speed — 10.0 knots.
As the main engines are two medium-speed diesels at 567 kW, operating on diesel fuel MDO with a flash point above 60 degrees.
Endurance — 12 days.
The crew of 14 people (16 seats).
The lead ship Project RST05 «Narva" was put to the modernization of 28.04.11. The descent took place on 13.10.12. Rented 17.05.13.
The second ship Project RST05 «Istra" has been put on the modernization of 28.04.11. The construction of the vessel continues.

PS What would be no question about upgrading. From the old Nefterudovoz essentially remained stern and bow part. The middle of the tanks and cargo holds carved and constructed for the new. Add-in, if not rebuilt, then rebuilt seriously. Naturally, all new systems and equipment. You can see for yourself. Photo rebuilt tanker above, but the same type of photo OBO:

  • Nefterudovoz-21M (clickable)
  • Nefterudovoz-21M (clickable)

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