Draco: Officials give freedom, and then break destiny.

Today "Tell the truth"Presented new information project" The Power behind bars. " One of the organizers of the project Igor Draco — Guest "Night of Freedom."

Reporter: As I understand it, you are going to inform the public about the history of the officials who were in jail. What is the meaning of this campaign?

Draco: The list includes not only officials but also the economic elite. First — we want to raise a survey of why so many famous people in Belarus were behind bars, the second — to remind those who now manages that anyone that destiny can not defendants. And, in addition to young people acquainted with the fact what happened in the 1990s. Because of the 2000's a lot of information on the Internet, but on the affected 1990th — the information was in print.

According to Tatyana Protko, your company is systematyzatsyya and public presentation of the power struggle with the bureaucracy. It is not clear — with someone who is struggling. Is the power of the bureaucracy and are not synonymous? Would it be correct to speak of the struggle within the government?

Draco: About Tatiana Protko transcribed his thoughts, she said that the system is up and running so that devours its own children. First, the officials will give thanks to this they gain weight, and then, if the weight is too much, in a certain way people take away from their positions and break destiny.

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