Dry moves to the latest technology in the design of aircraft

The company "Sukhoi" completely converted to grid technology for the design of new aircraft models. In KB begun testing the third supercomputer delivered under the Presidential Decree on the modernization of production and the transition to computer technology for the design and testing of modern technology.

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Computer simulation will allow aircraft manufacturers to reduce the number of expensive experimental and field tests to save on creating inefficient stands, full-scale models and physical models of aircraft, which are not always adequately reproduce the real operating conditions of the aircraft, or the refusal to reveal the cause of the accident flight.

Thus was created a promising Russian passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet and the Russian-French engine for him SAM-146. However, the verification of the finished product, as in previous years, remained the lot of bench — natural — tests. Only to check the Sukhoi Superjet used three cars. One of which is to verify structural integrity under virtually cleaved into smaller pieces.

However, all these time-consuming and very costly events can be simulated virtual supercomputers. Similar techniques have long been used in the world.

In Russia became a pioneer in the introduction of their state corporation "Rosatom". Using computer modeling, nuclear engineers, not only validates the work of physical processes in nuclear reactors, but also testing nuclear weapons. Experience in this field has formed a program that was adopted in 2009 under President Commission for Modernization and Technological Development.

Her goal — the creation of a Russian supercomputing industry, enabling early in the design of complex equipment to calculate every aspect of its work. Implementation of the project was entrusted to the State Corporation "Rosatom".

The project in the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov started to develop hardware and software for high performance computing. Was launched by the most powerful supercomputer in Russia, located on the 12th place in the world rankings. Organized public access computer center, which in high-performance communication channels connected businesses and organizations in various industries.

This year, the CB "Dry" was created by a supercomputer center, from where the access to the machine in Sarov. It consists of three computers. The cost of each, as the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW, ranges from 10 to 20 million. They solved the problem of high dimensionality, which require multivariate model calculations for the optimum design and technical solutions in the design of parts, components, assemblies and systems for aircraft.

For us, first of all, the mathematical miscalculation of issues relating to the certification of passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet.

For example, for safety during an emergency landing in the event of failure of landing gear, landing on the water, breaking tires, foreign objects to enter the engine, the engine compressor blade failure, bird strike, etc.

In the future, the problem will be solved supercomputer calculation aeroelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics, coherent and conjugate heat transfer, a complex contact interactions. This is about 30-40% of the total computational problems to be solved by "dry" when creating new models of aircraft, which will significantly reduce the cost of its creation.

Earlier supercomputer has got Rybinsk "Saturn" — a developer perspective aviation aircraft engines KB "dry."

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