Dry storage-isotope chemical plant MCC put into commercial operation

"Dry" storage-isotope chemical plant MCC started unloading the first echelon of the Leningrad nuclear power plant, which arrived at the Mining and Chemical Combine April 5, 2012. For the first unloading in the first echelon arrived two transport containers with spent nuclear fuel RBMK-1000 a total weight of about 16 tons of uranium dioxide.

On the same day, after the process step "wash" from the dust of the road, held a grand welcoming ceremony for the first car in the department receiving the "dry" storage.



Experts MCC in the presence of RTN conducted a thorough monitored echelon arrived and found that the transport packaging containers with a noticeable margin performs in radiation safety. Background radiation more than 80 times lower than the established norm and almost two times lower than the background radiation in an airplane at cruising altitude.

To the sound of the march in the performance of military brass band of the military unit 3377, the first car was wound up in the office and reception is set to discharge. Were disclosed protective flap rail transporter and, to the applause of the participants ceremony directly on the shipping container Pyotr Gavrilov wrote the symbolic order: "Take the first container, 05.04.2012." At this ceremony was over, shift personnel took up manufacturing operations. "Dry" storage MCC came into operation enterprises in Russia.

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