Dry was the winner of the design competition UAC to improve the production system


Challenge Cup "Best Project of the KLA" was a joint project of the Young Communist League of the plant "Dry" (KnAAPO) and Sukhoi "The introduction of structural changes in the factory," won in the "Design, engineering maintenance and flight test." The project reduces the implementation time of design changes by 31%. "Dry" also won in two sections:

  • "Aggregate-assembly production" for its draft Novosibirsk plant (NAPO) "Reducing the fuselage assembly cycle by streamlining decision-making procedures in the deviations from the CD in the aggregate-assembly area." As a result of the project cycle of the assembly was reduced by 10%.
  • "Supporting Processes" for the project KnAAPO "Organization of group nesting area", which allows to reduce the complexity by 17-27% (depending on the program) and to reduce the consumption of materials by 14-40% (the figure varies depending on the program), as well as to reduce the range of 65%.

This year's competition to improve the production system for several years conducted in a "dry", was consolidated for the first time — as part of the United Aircraft Corporation. The selection of winners was based on objective criteria

  • the actual reduction in cycle time,
  • reduction of work in progress,
  • reduce labor intensity,
  • increase in output per worker,
  • reduction in production areas and others.

Participation in the competition opens up new perspectives for the employees of the enterprises: the participants of the working groups, projects are put forward for the contest may be submitted to the Promotion Board, an increase of salary, or to establish a personal allowance. The leaders of the working groups, the finalists are recommended to participate in the Program staff reserve the KLA.








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