Due to the tightening of stem cells in the eye increased bone



In his sixty-plus years of a wealthy lady decided to make lifting and rejuvenation of the skin by grafting stem cells. During the procedure thug clinic where treated on different celestial beings, this Hollywood and attached themselves to him person, ma'am paid 20,000 U.S. dollars.

At first, everything was "wow" and promising, but three months later, a California patient noticed that the person not only continues to ache a little, but the right eye at blinking, opening and closing was clicking and crunches.

Realizing that unusual symptoms themselves do not pass, a citizen of California appealed to another cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Allan Wu, who explained that he could not open the right eye without the unpleasant pain and strange clicking sounds. Dr. Wu from the Institute of Morrow initially decided that the patient dreams — you never know what they say, come to mind molodyascheysya elderly lady.

However, after a painstaking operation, which lasted 6:00, Allan learned from age women and signified surrounding tissue fragments of bone, the nature of which there should not be. It turned out that these "eye stones" and generated a strange clicking noise when opening and closing his eyes.

Dr. Wu and his colleagues suggest that the reason for the strange phenomenon is that stem cells (which can develop from any tissue of the body) come into contact with calcium, which is found in the skin of the face and not only him.

The procedure of "rejuvenation", which has undergone an unhappy woman in America is not governed by any regulations. It consists in that the stem cells are taken from the blood or bone marrow of the patient and administered via syringe to any other body part.

Stem cells — a kind of building blocks that are the building growing tissue of the body. So use them theoretically and practically possible to repair any body, even the brain and the heart. It is also believed that stem cell therapy is able to rejuvenate the skin, making the place of old cells replaced by new, very young, tender, youth.

When Madame came to grief-surgeons Beverly Hills, she ordered another and stomach liposuction, in which doctors and isolated stem cells for a face-lift. Pursuing the latter, the patient has entered the doctors and traditional cosmetic anti-wrinkle serum, not giving importance to what is contained in the serum calcium hydroxylapatite. "Scientific American" writes that the mineral forces preraschatsya stem cells in adult bone.

Fortunately, during the correction operation of the medical institute Morrow managed to remove all the unnecessary "grotesque" bones of the eyes of an elderly kaliforniyki. However, there is no guarantee that they will not grow in the same place again sometime in the future.

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