During the collision Libyan army and militants in the capitals airport killed four people

During the collision Libyan army and militants in the capital's airport killed four peopleLearned the details of the collision of the military group of Libyan rebels and the army. ITAR-TASS news agency, referring to the BBC report about the collision, which occurred near the international airport, 3 km from Tripoli. On the coastal highway shootout lasted for several hours.

In the country's armed forces responsible for the incident was given to the so-called "the Zintanskuyu Brigade," which holds the key airport. Militants of the compound in the majority of their own are natives of the town of Zintan or its circles. Western journalists, they were told that the airport militia units were attacked by the army. The soldiers, in their words, seized two trucks with anti-aircraft guns, have also tried to establish control over the militia checkpoint.

The incident occurred when the Libyan Transitional Council of State was held the first conference on the state voprusu reconciliation. Authorities announced the readiness to pardon fought for Muammar Gaddafi. The conference was also set up to December 31 for the armed militias. The militia earlier time have to leave Tripoli and hand gun.

The main challenge at the moment in front of the Transitional Council of State, is to disarm the militias, which took part in the overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

The battle ensued after guards attempted to establish control over the main airport of the country, which holds Zintanskaya team, took an active role in clashes with the forces of Gaddafi. In the shootout both parties use small gun, among whom were mnogokalibernye guns. The roads leading to the airport were closed. As a result, the shooting dead one fighter "Zintanskoy Brigade" and three soldiers.

Clashes managed to finish only after the intervention of Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the head of NTC, Abdel Rahim Al-Kiba, chairman of the government, as the elders of the tribes. The situation in the current time is measured, unlocked the road to the airport.

According to Mukhtar Al-Akhdar, commander of the "Zintanskoy Brigade," the order to protect the airport received specifically from PNS. He noted that the formation of the fighters leave entrusted to them only after appropriate guidance from the Council.

Cabinet Al-Kiba first last week put forward a claim to the armed militias, "who came to liberate Tripoli from other villages Fri ", for 2-weeks leave.

Recall that in Tripoli Saturday was shot at the motorcade Chief of General Staff of the Army Khalifa Haftorah.

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