During the riots in California was arrested 19 people

During the riots in California was arrested 19 peopleDuring clashes with the police and riot, which culminated in Saturday's demonstration adherents of the movement "Occupy Wall Street" took place in the town of Oakland (California, USA), has suffered three law enforcement officers and detained 19 man.

As told in the local police department, after demonstrators held a rally in the center of the town, marched through the streets, paralyzing with all this movement transport. The number of activists in the second half of the day or increased to 2000 man. Demonstrators with all this illegally occupied the building of the center, which was created for exhibitions and conferences, and some demonstrators started to crush and cut fencing equipment, ITAR-TASS reported.

Riot police, who arrived on the scene gave the "invaders" order immediately to disperse, but in response to the peace officers flew flaming torches, stones and empty bottles. The police had to use tear gas, and about an hour later, many activists returned to center town, leaving "okkupirovannnoe" building. It is understood that the recent protests and trial operation of the port of Auckland immobilize last.

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