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In the latest issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel published an interview with the fugitive CIA agent Edward Snowden. (1) Absentee interview Snowden with Encrypting correspondence took Jacob Appelbaum (2) and Laura Poitras. (3) As stated in the published comments, the interview took place even at the time when Snowden lived in Hawaii.

Jacob Appelbaum (b. 1983) — a developer of software for security and encryption of e-mails. Appelbaum is preparing international human rights groups and journalists to an anonymous use of the Internet. He first became widely known to the public in 2010, when at the hacker conference in New York, spoke on behalf of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Along with Assange and his co-authors Appelbaum recently released as a book collection of interviews called "cyberpunks. Freedom and the future of the Internet." In the view of the American government Applebaum was in the course of their investigation of WikiLeaks. Twitter, Google and Sonic have received an official order from the authorities to pass them information about their accounts. Appelbaum himself describes his relationship with WikiLeaks as "ambiguous."

Appelbaum said so himself on the circumstances interview with Snowden: "In the middle of May, a documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras contacted me. She told me that she came into contact with the anonymous source of the National Security Agency, who agreed to give her an interview … She offered ask questions together, because we believe that some of the issues on a highly technical subject could become an important part of the validation of the source. One of the objectives was to determine: whether we are dealing with an informant of the NSA … We sent our questions to our secure encrypted source . I did not have any knowledge of the identity of Edward Snowden, before it was revealed to the world in Hong Kong. He also did not know who I am. I expected that when anonymity is removed, we will find a person under the age of sixty years … Published questions are taken from a big interview in which he discussed many topics, many of which are of a purely technical nature. Some of the questions were rewritten to provide the necessary context. Questions focused almost exclusively on the topic of the NSA and the possibilities of its activities. important to understand that these Questions and context itself is not a reaction to the events of this week, or even the events of the month. They were offered in a relatively quiet period, when Snowden is likely to enjoy the last moments of his life in the Hawaiian paradise. He gave up heaven to every person on the the planet could have come to an understanding of the current situation, as he is … At a later stage, I also had direct contact with Edward Snowden, in which I showed him his own identity. At the time, he expressed his willingness and a sense that this topic was published, I thought it was time. "

Edward Snowden. Interview: NSA and its many volunteers

Interviewer: What is the purpose of the American National Security Agency (NSA), and how it relates to activities outside the law?

Snowden: It was mandated to find out everything important that happens outside of the United States. This is a serious challenge. When the job is done and the situation looks as it is, it's an existential crisis. Then you feel that breaking the rules is the norm. As soon as people will hate you for breach of these rules, scrapping them becomes a matter of survival.

Interviewer: Engaged and whether the German authorities and the German policy in the intelligence system of the NSA?

Snowden: Yes, of course. We are in the same bed with the Germans as well as with most other Western countries. For example, we warn them that we desired person is flying through their airports. We, for example, found out about it through a friend's phone hacker suspected in a completely unrelated third world country. And they pass it on to us. They do not ask how we know anything. Vice versa [Lat. on the contrary], to shield them from political leaders to understand how much they violate global privacy.

Interviewer: But if the details of the system now will be known who will be responsible?

Snowden: In the face of the U.S. Courts? I'm not sure that you are serious. The investigation will establish the specific people who are authorized to unauthorized wiretapping of millions of messages that they would lead to the calculation of the longest sentences in the history of the world. But our senior official simply would require that the investigation was stopped. Who "may" be supplied under a sentence where the rule of law is not respected. Laws are for you, not for them.

Interviewer: Is the NSA cooperates with other countries such as Israel?

Snowden: Yes. All the time. NSA has a special body responsible for this: FAD — Directorate of Overseas Affairs.

Interviewer: Did NSA create Stuxnet? Stuxnet — a virus, a computer worm that was used against the Iranian nuclear program.

Snowden: NSA and Israel together have written this program.

Interviewer: Are there any now existing large electronic espionage program in which international partners are assisting the NSA?

Snowden: In some cases, the so-called partners "five eyes" [U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand] are beyond the scope of what the NSA itself. For example, the British Government Communications Centre (GCHQ) has a system called Tempora. For electronic intelligence services in the world Tempora is the first program complete takeover of Internet-buffer, which is absolutely not concerned about the type of content and pays little attention Act on Human Rights. She swallows all the current buffer to allow the study of reverse without missing a beat. Now the buffer can hold a three-day traffic, but the system is improved. It seems that three days do not mean much, but remember that this is not the metadata. Full capture means she does not miss anything, and suck all the swirling completely. If you send a single ICMP packet [Internet protocol, ie, a block of data], and the routes will pass through the UK, we get it. If you are downloading something happens CDN (content delivery) from the service, located in the UK, we get it. If a London clinic conducted a medical record for your sick daughter … Well, you get the idea.

Interviewer: Is there any way around this?

Snowden: As a general rule, as long as you have any choice at all, you should never, under any circumstances, play a pioneering route through or look in the UK. Their fibers are "radioactive" and even all sorts of nonsense will be captured.

Interviewer: Do the NSA and its affiliates around the world a complete collection of phone calls, texts and data?

Snowden: Yes. But how much they can get depends on the capabilities of individual sections of the collection. That is, some schemes have a wide channel, but a small selection system, so they have to be selective. This is more a problem for foreign collections, but not for American, which makes internal collection of such horrendous. NSA is not limited to power, space, and the available technology.

Interviewer: NSA creates a huge new data center in Utah. What is its purpose?

Snowden: Storage array data.

Interviewer: How long are the data collected?

Snowden: As of now, the full collection of capture is growing rapidly (within a few days), regardless of whether the analyst assigned to "target" or communications. The received data is stored "forever" regardless of politics. Because you can always get a waiver. Metadata is also increasing, although not as quickly. NSA wants to be at the point where, at least, all the metadata stored permanently. In most cases, the content is not as valuable as the metadata itself, because you can either re-retrieve data based on metadata, or, if not, just put the task of all future communications of interest to the permanent collection as well as metadata inform you that from the flow of data you actually want to receive.

Interviewer: Private companies help the NSA?

Snowden: Yes. Definite proof of this — the hardest part, because, according to the NSA, its telecom partners — the jewels in the crown of her omniscience. Typically, the American multinational corporations should not be trusted until proven otherwise. This is unfortunate, because they have the ability to provide the best and most trusted services in the world, if they really wish to do so. To overcome this, civil society organizations should use this exposure to prompt them to update their contracts to include provisions that they are not spying on you, and they need to make technical changes. If they can get at least one company for your game, it will forever change the security of global communications. If they are not, it is important to start the company.

Interviewer: Are there any companies that refused to cooperate with the NSA?

Snowden: Of course there is, but I can not imagine any list. This category will get a lot more if kolaboranty be punished by consumers in the market. This should be a priority for everyone who believes in freedom of thought.

Interviewer: What sites should be avoided so as not to become a "target" for the NSA?

Snowden: As a rule, you may be the target on the basis of, for example, your Facebook or via the web contents of correspondence. One thing I know personally, the Forum for jihad against safe identification.

Interviewer: What happens if the NSA does "end" of the network user?

Snowden: They just get under control. The analyst will receive a daily (or a summary schedule based filtering) report on what has changed in the system. The captured packet can not be understood without the automated dissectors. This is all that remains to do analysis. Target machine does not belong to her anymore, she belongs to the U.S. government.


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