Egregors feed us

May 1, 2012 10:55

There is what is called "society", and it is the "dominant ideas" or view. These dominant ideas are like the prism through which people of different societies view the world. It's their point of view. It is very hard representative of a society to overcome the dominant idea, to move away from her, Plato argued that "ideas rule the world", and the dominant idea of controlling social environment, society is subject to the idea. It's like the fish that live in salt water, they can not live in fresh water, and vice versa: freshwater do not live in a salty sea.

We are all people, apparently looking like each other, we invented words to communicate and think we understand them the same way. But in fact there egregors, and people belonging to different egregors almost no chance to hear each other.

I puzzled over why this is so … 

There is what is called "views". These are the canvas on which man builds his idea. It is his opinion, his opinion, his attitude. These views are almost never correspond to reality, they are illusory and based on errors of others.

Is what is called a "set of ideas": it is an opinion, prevalent in society. Or, rather, a set of such representations. How would "fashionable opinion", the perception in the community.
For example, in the Middle Ages, people thought that God lives on a cloud, and it's a gray guy, and the earth is flat.

Since the presentation has changed. People began to realize that the earth is round and still is in heaven bearded old men are not found. Instead, there were different views: that habitable planets there and that God either. That is, people have changed some illusions to others.

But what happens when you live in an illusion?
Understanding the subtle mechanics of the invisible Cosmos, we can say precisely and unambiguously with the representations of invisible man feeds the creatures that come up with these ideas.

This was Mahatma Morya wrote in one of his letters to the English (Collection "Mahatma Letters"):
"There are a hundred thousand fakirs, sadhus and sannyasins, leading the most pure life, and yet, being such as they are — they are on the wrong path, not being able to meet with us, and even to see and hear us. Their grandparents kicked out of the only true followers of Indian philosophy in the world, and now is not the last to come to them, but they have to come to us. Which one of them is ready to become a Buddhist, nastika as they call us? No one.

Those who believed in us and followed us — they got their reward. Mr. Sinnett and Hume — exceptions. Their beliefs are not an obstacle, because they have no faith. They may be surrounded by bad influences, bad magnetic emanations due to drinking, indiscriminate physical connections (arising from even a handshake morally unclean person), but it is only physical and material interference, we can counteract a little effort and can even eliminate them completely without much damage yourself.

But not so with the magnetism and invisible impacts arising from wrong, but sincere beliefs. Faith in the gods and God and other superstitions are attracted to their surroundings millions of others factors affecting living creatures and powerful forces, to remove that, we would have to use more force against usual. We prefer not to.

We do not consider neither necessary nor beneficial to spend our time on the war with undeveloped planetary spirits who enjoy playing the role of the gods, and sometimes — the role of those who became famous in the world.

There Dhyan Chohan and "Kogans Darkness" — is not that called the devil, but flawed "intelligence" that were never born either on this or on any other area of the world or as Dhyan Chohan, and who never will not be included among the "builders" of the universe, pure Planetary Intelligences, ruling in each Manvantara, while Kogans darkness reigns during Pralaya. Explain it to Mr. Sinnett (I can not) — tell him to read what I have said and explained to Mr. Hume, and let him remember that, just as everything in this universe is the antithesis, just pure light Dhyan Kogan against "Mamo-Chohans" and their destructive mind.

They — those gods that Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, and all other religions and sects fanatical worship. And as long as their followers are influenced by them, we are no more think of joining them in their work or on countering their work, what we think of the red cap in the world, the results of the evil which we are trying to reduce, but whose work we have no right to interfere, as they do not cross our path . (I assume that you do not understand, but you think hard about it, and you will understand. M. here implies that the Brothers of the Light have no right to oppose the government and even the natural course or the work that is prescribed to each class of beings and all beings by nature.

Brothers, for example, might extend life, but could not eliminate the death, even to themselves. To some extent, they can mitigate the evil and suffering, but they can not destroy evil. No more can Dhyan Chohan to hinder the work of Mamo Chohans, because their law is darkness, ignorance, destruction, etc., while the law Dhyan Chohans is light, knowledge and creativity.
Dhyan Chohan meet Buddhi — the divine wisdom and knowledge of life in the blissful and Mamo are personifications like Shiva, Jehovah's Witnesses and other made-up monsters with ignorance of the tail). "

Lord Buddha said that the world is full of ignorance.
Christ said that "The light shines in the darkness" (John 1:5, "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it") and truth left in the world.
In a conversation with Nicodemus (head priest of Israel) Jesus knew that the chief priests Truth lost, not saved.
The Prophet Muhammad said that the priests conceal the truth from the world.

And Agni Yoga as a successor of the great teaching states that there is truth and Agni Yogi is an apologist for the truth, that is the great reality, and is Maya, and that when reality breaks into human consciousness, the Maya retreats and the person ceases to belong to it, ceases to be in ignorance . And that scientists there to this breakthrough could be accomplished.
This idea is very in tune with the movie "The Matrix," where there is a choice — to stay in the illusion of reality or learn.

When people gather in groups and work out some of his public views, these views can either gravitate to the truth (is trying to create a Mahatma (Great Teacher), and have always created — for example, the Theosophical Society, but never created) or did not gravitate .

When created a society tends to be true, then all of its members are developing rapidly.
When in a society dominated by misconceptions, all the forces that were to serve their development, in fact, foster and develop Mamonov, not people.

The diaries of Helena Roerich (The great Russian philosopher, mystic, author of the Teaching of Agni Yoga, 20th century) is well described this moment:
"Now we need to remember that the energy emitted by mankind, is necessary for the proper motion of the planet. When this energy is poisoned, it weakens the barrier route network and so disturbs the equilibrium of many stars. Wave vibration to change, and the planet loses part of self-defense, because the fate of humanity itself disposes of his own. When there comes a destructive period of the so-called atheism, then a lot of energy, usually sent to the upper layers, splits and becomes the material of brown gas. Sit down. Humanity does not want to understand because of their emissions. It insists on a vague likeness of God, but does not understand the power of unity of all worlds. Establishing at least a weak association energy is already a protective armor of the planet. "

It follows that mankind constantly emits energy into space, and energy, these are the result of thinking and feeling. A wrong belief untrue representations lead to the fact that energy is directed in the wrong direction. Or rather — in the directions. Energy — is what to grow — as moisture for plants. Mankind is constantly produces its own existence. But in whose garden this moisture?

It depends entirely on the free will of people: his own efforts, ideas people send this energy back to what they believe. And here is the interesting point. If faith is in harmony with the truth, then this raises the energy of the people themselves, and, in the words of Christ, the only truth will set us free.
But what happens if it is not in harmony with the truth?

The answer to this question is the key to understanding what egregor.

In nature, there are a myriad of visible creatures, often we are not even on the suspect, but they are all around us, and … we are a breeding ground for them.
That germs and mites saprophytes, and worms and giardia, which are almost all found, and many different lives that surround us and constantly consume what we can to take.
Some are so well adapted that even trigger man on the fact that he gave them something.

For example, E. coli does not kill the person to continue to feed her, but there are aggressive forms of this microbe.
The same aureus lives on the skin all the time and only occasionally really attacking us because we are ill with angina.

There are more elaborate forms of life — when pinworms crawl during sleep from the rectum, lay their eggs on the skin and irritate it to people to itch. Eggs fall under the nails and then with food — in the mouth, and so re-infestation occurs.
There are more sophisticated ways: when the worms lay eggs in the fish to animals or people, eating it would be infected.

Or rabies microbes that live in the animals without killing them, but lethal to humans — probably to a man dying thus again would feed the animals, which are home to these germs, and people — breeding ground for the house in good form …

Funny biology science and contains a lot of things about what ordinary people do not even know.
So, there are areas of biology which does not know anything, but the area is also about life.
Essential lives. Their are so many different levels — from the most primitive to the supramental.

For example, living a kind zhivotinku, chewing on his bamboo, and it comes to the hour of death. Zhivotinku dies, her physical body naturally feed on those who waited for this, but the essential (more subtle than physical) body is still alive, it holds zhivotinku umpteenth time, running and frolicking, continuing to eat imaginary now bamboo.

But this form of existence comes to an end, and the soul zhivotinku goes on vacation in the world of effects, throwing himself etheric body (consisting of "principles", or let's say — of filling some sense). So, this is the etheric body — not physical, and being abandoned soul, still continues to exist for some time.

Mother Nature through the soul of every creature sheds life, and this energy, feeding the creatures themselves, then partly goes to those who can grasp it from a piece of cake.
When the soul leaves the body, the body is no power dies … but there are exceptions.
It happens that the etheric body the dying of the most zhivotinku still existing, finds a weakened another animal or human and prisosetsya like a vampire, to a hole in a barrage of air network, thus maintaining their own lives.
That is there are ESSENTIAL parasites, and usually they are the true causes of physical disease.

But there is a way to get rid of them — "pushing the causes of disease by thinking," and in this way to Mahatma Letters described.
These essential parasites Mahatma Letters have different names. This pishachi, incubi, succubi, ghosts, evil spirits and the Shammar.
But all this — "naughty ring" as it is called Mahatma.
This polurazlagayuschiesya ethereal beings. Deprived of food, they will die, like autumn leaves. The only way for them to somehow prolong his days — it is parasitic on the living.

But there are more serious pests.
The collection "The Mahatma Letters":
"It simply means that if the venerable translator was acquainted with the true doctrine of any better, he'd share:
1. Devas on two classes and call them-Rupa Devas and Arupa Devas (shaped or shapeless and objective or subjective Dhyan Chohans).
2. The same thing he did to the human class, because there are shell and "Mara-Rupa," that is the body, doomed to destruction.
All of them are:
1. Rupa Devas — Dhyan Chohan, having forms. This planetary spirits are not of the highest, as you might think, since Subba Rao said in his critique of the writings of Oxley, no eastern Adept would not want to be likened to the angel or Dev.
2. Arupa Devas — Dhyan Chohan, no form. These two categories — the former people.
3. Pishachi — dvuhprintsipnye ghosts.
4. Mara-Rupa — doomed trehprintsipnye death.
5. Asura — Elemental having human form.
6. Beasts — Elemental second class — animal elementals.
Category 5 and 6 — the future people.
7. Rakshasas — the demons, soul and astral forms of sorcerers. These are people who have reached the summit of knowledge in the forbidden science. Dead or alive they are, so to speak, cheated nature. But this is only temporary — until such time as the planet goes into obscuration, after which they want or do not want to be destroyed.

It is these seven groups of the main sections of the inhabitants of the subjective world. Category 1 is a reasonable rulers of this world of matter, which, for all its rationality, are just blindly obeys guns one: active agents passive principle. "

Here are the latest, Rakshasas, — those who really need to fight.
If we compare that:

— People in their life constantly identify different forms of energy,
— At these energies are always hunters
— Are the same ones who create the conditions for people to produce certain types of energy (eg, fear and anger), to feed them, because other energies these entities can not eat,
— Is Mamo-Kogan, who energizes the ignorance and because they are trying to increase the power in the people,
— There Rakshasas who did the same — create the conditions under which people will serve them in this world and that it is clear that the bulk of these people are not free and are actually the breeding ground for those who are true master of the people.

What these "masters" eat — this is human emotion, ignorance, hatred and antagonism in all forms. Animal nature of man in all its forms produces lower psychic energy properties, and this is for her, and there is a struggle.
So humankind in animal passions, is only pets like pigs favor for their purposes.

That's why Christ said that people are not free, and that only truth will set people free.
That's why the Buddha said that only ignorance is the source of all evil in the world. And by destroying ignorance, we are destroying the cause of evil.
Therefore, there is an invisible but very real struggle, where some are trying to deal with the truth, and the other in that they prevent the fiercely.
This is a fight for humanity as a resource, where the current owners do not want to scared to lose its steady income in the form of energy ignorance.

And there are the forces of Light, who understand that there is only development, only on the path of progress, and that all this fuss powered undeveloped minds is only a spasm in the way.
They understand just what you do not understand the underdeveloped Rakshasas and mammon: that humanity, not developed in time how to Heaven (this biblical parable of the fig tree, which flourished in the period and was not destroyed), will be destroyed, as happened once already with the planet Phaeton, whose humanity is not reached by the deadline required development and was destroyed along with the planet.

So, out of compassion for humanity and not wanting to destroy it (which would break the harmony in the whole solar system), the Higher Beings of Light are trying to take away from the Rakshasa Mamonov their food. This is a struggle between light and darkness.

Of course, as in every battle, and this fight is tactics.
It is to create egregors which people belong.

In fact, all belong to any egregore. Freedom layman — is an illusion.
Only those who had entered the Reality and Truth touched, become free. All other somehow absorb views of others (each a "victim" of their environment), and through these ideas of course he starts to feed egregore that these ideas and causes.
But it is possible to create such egregore in which people are not breeding grounds.
Buddha called it "the Sangha."
Christ called "the kingdom of God."
Mahatma Morya — "Community".

Create Egregor that is not fed to human weaknesses (and not incited to them, that they eat), has features that the first Christians and Buddhists were trying to comply.

First, it is a struggle with weaknesses.
Buddha created a situation where people are moving away from their attachments.
Christ spoke against the evils.
Secondly — Touch of Truth.
Buddha talked about the Dharma.
Christ — the Truth, the mystery.
Third, is the development of thinking.
The Buddha spoke of the development of thinking as the basis of the climb.
Christ spoke of metanoia (change of mind, that is, the development of thinking) as the basis of the climb.

There's more: the lack of totalitarianism, is the freedom of choice and with strict discipline.
The absence of hatred and antagonism in any, even the smallest forms. This veneration of wisdom and older who are wise.
This unceasing help each other to improve.
This work and achievement.
This understanding of the purpose of life and how to improve the understanding of the way into the Infinite, to far-off worlds.

I must say that so created, egregors no longer treat people as a breeding ground, and create a special atmosphere around people, helping them in their development.

So, all the great philosophers, founders of religions, saints, or simply shrewd people have always understood the value of the team, he contributed to the development of human souls, not egregores.
Developing together souls like come into resonance, and the development is greatly accelerated.
Mahatma Kuthumi said so much about it (Collection "Mahatma Letters"):
"(1) It is only the progress that makes people in the study of science from the Secret of its original foundations, it gradually leads to an understanding of our thought.
(2) It is only in this way and not another, strengthening and refining, im liking the mysterious connection between reasonable people who are temporarily separated particles and cosmic world soul — they are close to a full relationship.
(3) Once this is established, then only those awakened sympathy really serve to connect people to the fact that due to lack of European scientific words that would convey the idea, again, I have to describe how that dynamic circuit that connects the material world with intangible cosmos — Past, Present and Future —
(4) and so accelerates its penetration to clearly grasp not only all the material, but also on the Spirit. " (Figures in brackets added by the author of this article)

This little quote explains the whole point of what should be a human community, as a group of people can multiply their development, rather than suppress.
The same idea is presented in the book community (Agni Yoga):
"The whole community will help, but the community will help the expansion of consciousness." (From the book series Agni Yoga, the book "Community", 30)

The same idea was the basis of the fact that the Buddha did:
"Basing their community, the Buddha sought to create the best conditions for those who are determined to work to expand their consciousness to attain higher knowledge, and then sent them out teachers of life and heralds of the world community.

Constant monitoring of actions, words and thoughts, which he instructed his disciples and without which there can be no success on the road to perfection, almost not available for those in the normal conditions of life, where thousands of small external circumstances and responsibilities are constantly seeking to distract the target. But the life of people, united by a single aspiration, shared his thoughts and habits, was a great help, for giving the opportunity to develop without energy loss in the desired direction. " (N.Rokotova "Fundamentals of Buddhism")

The same idea was presented by Christ to his disciples when he told them:
"With all the parables, are you the same — Secrets" (Luke 8:10, "He said, you have been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables, so that seeing they might not see, and hearing they may not understand.").

This idea — that a few people can be combined knowledge and serve as each other's development, and to do so on the basis of knowledge and not their human idea — the idea that the soul can enter into harmony, resonance and create a special field for development, particularly atmosphere, the context in which development occurs rapidly — creating a supportive environment in which all contributes to the development, and nothing it does not suppress — the idea is as old as the world.

A group of people where egregore not fed on human weakness and ignorance, because of weakness are not cultivated, but expelled, and ignorance can not settle down — where the base — knowledge, such a group of people around you creates a special field, the aura, the atmosphere in which egregors just can not settle down, they have nothing to do there, where they were not fed. This is the community, the Sangha, the kingdom of God — what they want to create a Teacher on earth.

Teachers challenge humanity has always been the creation of just such Commons.
And the Buddha created a Community.
And Christ spoke incessantly about the kingdom of God.
Ammonium Saaks created theosophical school.
Neoplatonists and the first Christians, Jews and Muslims — one way or another this community tried to implement the idea and it happened as well.

Typically, this idea was developed well, when was the carrier of the atmosphere — the one who took Communion deep in his mind. Or, as the Agni Yoga, "Together in the Community of consciousness."
Around the man quickly formed groups such as asylum.

A perfect example of this — St. Francis of Assisi.
What he created, infecting people for its purity.
Very nice idea was featured in the movie "Brother Sun Sister Moon."
Communities always spread the message could be recognized by the peculiar attractive atmosphere that occurred around them. An atmosphere in which people have developed rapidly and began to reach out to the Highest.

This idea was expressed gracefully Mahatma KH in a letter to the British in the 19th century (The collection "The Mahatma Letters"):

"If we had the ability to imagine a personal God, and universal and immutable laws would be a toy for fun, then, indeed, we could create conditions that would turn this land into Arcadia for lofty souls (Here and in the citation highlighted correspondent. — Ed.). But have to deal with the same law, being his own creations, we had to do our best and be thankful.
There were times when "a large part of the enlightened minds" trained in our schools. Such times have seen in India, Persia, Greece and Rome.

But, as I noted in a letter to Mr. Sinnett, the adept is a rare flower of his age, and has always been relatively few of them in a single century.
Earth is the battlefield, not only physical but also moral strength and fury of animal passions under the influence of coarse energies of the lowest group of essential agents always tends to suppress spirituality. What else can you expect from people, so closely associated with the lower realm from which they came?
It is also true that our numbers are just now reduced, but it is because, as I said we were out of the human race, subject to its cyclic impulse, and unable to turn away from its course.

Can you turn the Ganges and Brahmaputra back to their roots? Can you at least stem them so full of water not flooded coast? No, but you can send in for some channels and use the hydraulic power for the benefit of mankind.
So we are not able to stop the world the way he predestined direction, yet is capable of removing some of its energy into useful channels.

We consider the demigods, and my explanation does not satisfy you, consider how ordinary people can only be a little wiser as a result of a special study, and it must respond to your dispute. "

Thus, the teacher understands that "the Earth is the battlefield, not only physical but also moral force", and that the battle — a spiritual people. And so they have to create such islands of heaven on earth, "Arcadia lofty souls", in which people have developed rapidly, and associates, seeing such a bloom, would like to join him.

Let us return to the events of the past one hundred and fifty years. Mid-19th century.
These communities that mankind would look adoringly not.
After receiving the original impetus of its pioneer of purity, these societies have lost it.
Freemasons, alchemists, Rosicrucians, Christians — all of these are more or less open societies they are more or less forgotten the purity of God's Kingdom.

Remained closed secret societies, and of them Blavatsky (end of the 19th century. Known mystic, writer, co-author of the book "The Secret Doctrine", "Isis", the author of several major literary works of mystical and scientific field, a significant philosopher and scientist.) wrote a lot, but on the society they are not particularly affected. These sites purity were isolated for centuries of persecution, and go out to the people especially do not want, and therefore gradually fell into decay.

And at the end of the 19th century appears Blavatsky, loudly proclaims the Brotherhood as the field of life without egregors and then of course egregors all stripes together to arrange for her persecution. Persecution is increasing, and she dies, and not creating such an open society, where people were not essential nutrient for monsters.

Then Bishop Hilarion (known from the writings of HP Blavatsky as Greek adept Hilarion EP inspired by many stories of her works of art.) Through the La Francia Dewey tried to create the same thing, calling it the Temple of Humanity. He explained over and over again why it is needed, and helped to create it, but the weakness of people have got the best of their wisdom, and that society was also not a role model, a place without egregores. Those quarrels and squabbles, the same ignorance that everywhere.

Shambhala idea that people should be together like the fingers of one hand, continually came up against some barriers and obstacles from the environment. Egregors always understood that if people understand how to live the Kingdom of God, then there would be nothing to eat Egregor: after all, a happy person is not feeding them.

Because egregors psihologiziruyut people set them against media freedom, the only freedom that is — freedom from the influence of egregores.
This is what the Bible says that "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5).
When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowd welcomed him, because people sensed originality and purity.

Immediately egregore indignant because Jesus was a threat to him, and the priests began to hate Christ. Instead of being the bearers of pure heaven, the priests were zealous egregor his servants. And psihologiziruemye egregor priests incited the authority of Christ.
The same thing happened every time in the world of heavenly purity shed: persecution and persecution again.

And in the 20 years of the 20th century, Helena Roerich gets a grain of the purity of heaven, which makes it the bearer of the idea of the kingdom of God. Helena and Nicholas Roerich created around a field without egregor they infect many people these ideas. Of course, such a life is many stimuli around them, and several times they were attacked to kill, but the hand of the Hierarchy time to stop evil. Roerich was formed around the circle of people who are themselves from the influence of Roerich egregores to chip away, and people's eyes brightened, in the minds cleared.
These were real battles egregors when the purity of heaven penetrated into people and there met to settle down notions egregors suggestion.

People from birth derive knowledge from the environment, and the time it egregors saturated, the people are impregnated others — like cucumbers in a jar of brine.
The idea that man can be, or purity, or mammon (influence egregor) is very well explained by Christ: He said that you can not serve two masters — God and mammon.

That is, a person is either the one or the other. Mammon is the soul egregors their independent minds. God — that really true about the world and, the truth that the human mind can relate to, if he is clean:
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8).

And the people who surrounded Roerich, fought within and mammon … almost all lost.
By studying history, we can see that around the Roerich almost did not become that space net against egregores people. Apparently, it was so heavy. After Rakshasas and Mammon together a long time and presented a united front. And Lucifer led them …

At various times, the children Roerich, Yuri and Svetoslav, trying to bring people together, educate them, exempted egregors do free. Yuri talked to a lot of different people. Published some of the memories of how he did it: for example, in the book "Eight meetings with teachers." Similarly, Svetoslav Roerich in India, and during his visits to Russia looking for employees who could make free from the power and call egregores cooperate.
But power egregors despite ending Armageddon was still strong, and people could not free his mind of misconceptions, to get rid of ignorance.

There are those that are adjacent to the ruling of the egregore, there are those who are trying to bud and within egregor create their own space, but they all share one trait peculiar to them: namely egregore affiliation, not the Kingdom of God, and as a result — and bigotry intolerance, the inability to co-operation and the fight for power, we humans, attempts to subdue, and in case of failure — rejection, failure of cooperation and continuously arranged persecution of dissidents, no freedom and authoritarianism in all forms, the religious intolerance of the opinions of others, even when another interpretation of some provisions of scientists is no desire to discuss, and harassment, and that at every step. Seeing this nonsense, this fever inadequate people, the Hierarchy of Light certainly does not want to deal with this mess, and it is reasonable.

And because of followers of slowly falling apart at an increasing number of warring factions — the stones turn into sand.
But the paradox of it all is that it is the Agni Yoga is the Fire Bible, given to mankind for thousands of years to come. It is on the basis of joint work on the study and implementation of the teaching will build a new world.

And if so then egregore "studying and following" Fire Bible, like all other teachings, will always be those who are with the ideas egregor disagrees and seeks the Kingdom of God here on earth — who is trying to build community this without egregors without all that nonsense that these same egregors sick. And these different societies and groups will be as saturated with filth city is different from the purity of the mountains.

Still purity of Heaven can be not only in humans but also mediaand people, as Christ once said: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I'll be among them …" That is all in the name of heavenly truth seekers shall be given: they descend. So we are looking for only the Kingdom of God, finding freedom from parasites egregores essential.

Author: Narayama.

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