Ekaterinburg again goes underground

Ekaterinburg again "go underground." Belinsky on in the pit collapsedtruck.
The next state of emergency with a failure of ground occurred in Yekaterinburg. So, the night before the house number 132 on the street Belinsky (crossing the street, Almaty) into the resulting pit collapsed on the road truck "La Boheme." As the correspondent «URA.Ru», car driven by 25-year-old driver, drove to the store for unloading. When the truck stopped, under his rear tire failed behatonovaya tiles. As a result, the machine had fallen on its side.
According to traffic police, the victims of the accident there, truck suffered minor injuries.

Now the resulting failure fenced at the scene have already left the city administration specialists. They will find out the reasons of emergency.

By the way, last year in a hole formed on the roadway outside Malyshev, hit trolley. A month earlier at a tram stop "Circus" on Kuibyshev Street formed a failure depth of at least one meter.

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