Ekaterinburg and Siemens agreed to supply 350 electric locomotives of Russian Railways in 2020

Railways Company, a group of "Ekaterinburg" and the German Siemens signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation in the field of locomotive.

The partners have agreed on the production of single-cell electric AC and DC power in a joint venture of Siemens and "Ekaterinburg" — "Ural Locomotives," the report said Siemens, transfersITAR-TASS.

It is assumed that by 2020 the "Ural Locomotives" put Railways 350 electric locomotives. Specific delivery volumes will be defined in the contract, which the parties intend to sign in 2014.

In addition, the document signed in the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition in Hanover, raises issues of cooperation in the development and production of multiple units trains Desiro RUS («Swallow").


Partners agreed on a list and terms of localization in the Russian production of the main components of the train.

By the end of 2017 the level of localization of production of electric trains "Swallow" in the Company "Ural Locomotives' should reach 80%.

The company "Ural Locomotives" created by a group "Ekaterinburg" and the concern Siemens AG to partnership in the field of locomotive.

The plant specializes in the mass production of a new generation of electric locomotives, other than increased efficiency, high consumption, performance and environmental properties.

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