EkoNivaAgro opens the livestock complex

The company "EcoNivaAgro" opens in Liskinskom district of Voronezh region is another breeding complex for 1,800 head of dairy cattle. Commissioned the first place — the barn for 480 head, the maternity ward with 100 seats, a dairy unit milking parlor, "Carousel" (OOO "GEA Farm Technologies Rus") with a capacity of 240 head per hour.

The complex includes three barn for dairy herd by 480 head of each one — for dry cows on 300 animals, dairy unit, maternity ward with 100 seats, an open platform for young, individual houses for calves, trench silo.
The new complex has brought 1,300 heifers Holstein-frizckoy breed from Austria, Germany and Hungary. Livestock contained on loose-technology group and individual stalls with deep litter. For calves provided individual hutches cold housing.
Total investment in the complex will be Kolybelsky 646 million rubles., Of which 80% — loan Liskisky branch of Sberbank of Russia.
Construction began in April of this year, 2012 will be put into operation completely. The next year, "EkoNiva" plans to begin construction of another modern dairy complex in Voronezh region.

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