Electric cars — cars of the future

There is, perhaps, a man who would not hear of electric vehiclescars that do not operate on gasoline and electricity. About these wonderful cars talk almost every day on TV, and here is the paradox: despite the fact that nearly every automaker began issuing this type of transport, for some reason we do not see the mass in the streets of our cities. What's the catch?

Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles

More often than not produce the same electric company as regular cars, so by studying ads "selling Mazda Moscow", if desired, to find and offer to buy a new, environmentally friendly form of transport. The principle of operation is based on the use of electric electricity instead of gasoline. Such a mode of transport, whether it is widespread, could solve two global problems: air pollution and lack of energy. In addition, the advantages of electric transport are:

• low fires and explosions;
• ability to recharge the battery from an ordinary electrical outlet;
• Easy to maintain and repair.

So why is the recording of all these benefits the consumer hard draws attention to advertising "Kia Moscow", meaning primarily a car with an internal combustion engine? The catch is that today is not created quite a powerful battery that allows to travel long distances without recharging. Currently, the greatest distance that can be overcome by electric car — about 130 km, which, of course, is not essential for motorists.

The modern use of electric vehicles

But despite the major drawback of this type of transport continues to develop, because the very nature of their behavior makes it clear to people that can not go on a massive pollution of the environment. And even today, electric cars on its speed and terrain difficult to compete with the same Citroen Moscow this or any other city, the overall trend of road transport is already clear — almost all the leading car manufacturers have begun to produce electric cars. It is not surprising, because who does not like them to know that every day diminishing energy resources threaten all production vehicles. Today, therefore, among the major concerns real "cold war" — who was the first to invent the perfect battery for electric vehicle? It looks like that in the near future, the world will get the same-perfect, eco-friendly transportation.

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