Electric Networks of Jewish Autonomous Region set a new instrument panel

Birobidzhan, Nov. 21 — The branch of JSC "DRSC" "Electrical networks EAO" installed and put into operation a new instrument panel.

 Photo source:vostokmedia.com

Modern equipment has many advantages compared to the previous one, which is out of date in many respects. The use of LEDs instead of incandescent lamps increases equipment life and more reliable displays information about the state of power.
— Within 10 days of operation of the new supervisory board did not have any false information, in contrast to the previous one. To test these signals at a power plant went operational staff, which ultimately led to economic losses, — Alexander Volkov, head of dispatching information service. — Previous legal shield has served more than 30 years, we can assume that the new will, no less.

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