Electrochemical Plant has launched a unique production

JSC "PA" ECP "launched a unique production — anywhere in Russia and in the world there is no rectification unit 70-percent hydrofluoric acid. As a result, the product line of "PA" ECP "added a new product — the anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.

Shortly before that rectification at the site were carried out commissioning and passed comprehensive tests on a model fluid. Then the pilot operation is continued with the media, and received the first pilot batch of the product.
Currently in production is a development of processing methods to fit with the product specifications.

Node rectification W-ECP — the brainchild of Russian specialists only. The project was developed by the Department of the chief designer of "Siberian Chemical Combine" (part of the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements"). Working documents executed by experts of units of "" Electrochemical Plant "- chief mechanic, chief priborista, chief power and the SMS. On the construction works were used as construction enterprises of JSC "PA" ECP "- SMU-95, LG-20, and contractors — MSU-75, and SKHTM SMNU-70/7.
Of course, interest in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is. Potential consumers of this product may be entities that are in the loop Fuel Company "fuel elements", and out of it.

JSC "PA" Electrochemical Plant "- a significant participant in the global uranium isotope and markets that successfully export contracts since 1994. Uranium enrichment is carried out with the help of high-performance and cost of gas centrifuges. Low enriched uranium is generated on the ECP, is used in nuclear generation in England, Germany, USA, France, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea and other countries.

The company has the technology getting 95 of stable and radioactive isotopes of chemical elements 19 and is among the world's largest manufacturers of isotope production on an industrial scale. Isotope products are widely used in various industries, medicine and science, including the global scientific experiments: the study of properties neutrinoless? Decay, solar neutrinos, study of "dark matter" of the universe, and others.

The main activities of "" Electrochemical Plant "

— Processing, transport and storage of nuclear materials, including the production of low-enriched uranium for nuclear reactor fuel fabrication plants;
— The separation of stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements;
— Manufacture and installation of engineering products, including machinery and equipment for special — purpose steel pipes and fittings;
— Design and manufacture of electrical products.

As part of the production association founded and successfully developed a range of high-tech industries, offering consumers a wide range of products and services of high quality level:

— Static frequency converters for the supply of gas centrifuge separation stages and induction motors for general industrial use;
— Piping components for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and other industrial facilities;
— Sheet metal products;
— PVC profile for glass constructions;
— Electronic energy meters and other various modifications.

The number of employees — about 8,000 people

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