Electron began mass production of the new generation equipment


The company "Electron", a leading manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment, started mass production of a new generation of X-ray machines. Thanks to the introduction of the latest developments, including the built-in flat-panel X-ray detector, the Russian equipment will be able to compete with international best practice.

New diagnostic equipment meets the latest requirements: high quality diagnosis, ease of learning and use, and reliability. Thanks to modern IT-solutions for the first time in the Russian market will be equipment that allows electronic patient record and carry out comprehensive medical research.

"Flat panel detectors, which we have developed for our equipment, provide higher sensitivity and resolution, and as a result, better image quality," — said General Director of "Electron" Alexander Elinson. According to him, the new generation of devices capable of independently carry out a number of important functions, while the previous models require additional equipment to connect to external devices. For example, new appliances monitor radiation doses to avoid unnecessary exposure to the patient. This is particularly important in areas such as cardiology, mammography and pediatrics.

Investments in R &D on a new line of equipment is several million euros. Research and development work took five years. Worked on a project team of more than 130 senior engineers, "Electron" and foreign specialists. Since then, the company produces a whole range of digital diagnostic equipment, including the most popular in the Russian medical institutions fluoroscopy and X-ray machines.

"The equipment, similar to that which the" Elektron ", allows you to fully realize the Russian global trends in diagnosis and treatment, and most importantly, making them accessible to Russian patients? 'm Academician of RAMS, MD, Professor, Director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Care. Dzhanelidze Sergei Bagnenko. In critical situations, when the clock decide the fate of the patient, a lot depends on what technology has a medical facility. "

A new line of equipment is an important step towards the strategic goal of "Electron" — enter the international markets of high-tech medical equipment.

"With comparable quality and the initial price, the cost of owning our equipment is two times lower than similar imported, says Alexander Elinson. Before proceeding to the production of new vehicles, we have carefully studied the market and the demand for certain equipment in its class, both in Russia and abroad. This year we are planning a 2-fold increase in the production capacity to more than 800 units. "



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