Electroprom (Kemerovo Region) has launched a line of polymeric coating street lights

Ltd. "Electroprom" (Part of the holding company "SDS-Mash") — one of the leading enterprises of the national electrical industry. The main activity — production of DC motors for a variety of industries.  

On Prokopyevsky enterprise "Electroprom" launched a line of polymer powder coating. Modern technology is used to paint the housings of LED lights that produce in the same enterprise.

The question of covering the body economical LED lamp stood in front of the technologists' Elektroproma "still on the drawing tool.

Tested various ways of coloring, since the objective was to identify the most weather-proof coating: the lamp is used for operation and production, and on the street. Under the influence of snow, rain, sun and wind — the paint should not obluplyatsya.

"Before we came to the conclusion that it is powder coated to be the best option, tried a lot of other ways of painting, from the enamel to the FS-115", — says Larissa Albertovna Krylov, head of the technology department "Elektroproma." Tests showed that the polymer powder coating is resistant to chemicals, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to UV radiation. Coating withstands temperatures from — 40 to + 60.

If the device is not mechanically damaged, the paint will not come for many years.

In addition to resistance to temperature extremes, to the main positive qualities can be noted that the polymer powder coating reduces the labor intensive. When using other inks were applied to the intermediate layer, and this further drying in an oven. In applying the powder, drying is not needed. Thus, the complexity is reduced to 4 times.

Now polymeric powder coating line employs 3 people. At day

according to the plan they have to paint the 25 fixtures. But now its over-fulfill professionals, staining of more than 30 instruments. Encourages them to work that lights on many orders. Moreover, demand efficient lighting fixture not only in enterprises HC "SDS", and there are orders from third parties.

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