Electrotyazhmash launched new machines for the motor housing

"System upgrading of fixed assets, expanding the range of new products and the improvement of its quality allow the company to play a leading role in the field of power engineering of Ukraine", — said the Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Mikhail Korolenko.


According to the results I half of 2013 the volume of sales "Electrotyazhmash" a 56% increase on the same period in 2012. In the structure of total sales by the results of I quarter 26% are hydro, 68% — electrotraction equipment, turbine generators, 3% — other services (service, casting). Product quality is monitored at each stage of production of the plant.

Today, more than 80% of the capacity of power plants in Ukraine are equipped with production equipment "Electrotyazhmash."

"The company is working on long-term contracts not only with domestic power plants and hydropower, but also with the major energy companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, India and other countries. During the first half of exports and domestic sales were distributed almost equally — 52% and 48% respectively ", — said Mikhail Korolenko.

The company has a collective bargaining agreement, which is recognized as the best in the electrical industry on the results of 2011 and 2013. This document Guaranteed rights of employees who are provided with appropriate working conditions, protective clothing and personal protective equipment.

The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" specializes in designing and manufacturing high-power hydro, hydro-engine turbine generators for thermal and nuclear power plants, electric motors for driving rolling mills, mine hoists, water pumps, irrigation canals, electric traction for railway transport. In addition, our specialists provide support for operation of the equipment involved in repair work, of technical conditions, hardware diagnostics and testing, equipment upgrades to extend the work.

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