Electrozinc 30% increased performance korotkobarabannyh furnaces

March 11, 2011

JSC "Electrozinc" (metallurgical complex UMMC) has transferred all three korotkobarabannye furnace lead production at the blast enriched with oxygen. According to preliminary data, the performance of furnaces has increased on average by 30%.

The equipment is now in a state of comprehensive testing. The next step will be the planned work lead smelting units for the production of oxygen.

"From experience of overseas plants known that oxygen, along with zinc production, and may be used in a lead — says chief engineer" Electrozink "Oleg Karnaushenko. — We have used this experience, and lead production was transferred to the furnace with oxygen-rich air supplied to the burner korotkobarabannyh heating furnaces. "

Earlier, in 2010, with the completion of the oxygen plant "Electrozinc" translated kilns zinc production at the blast enriched with oxygen. This allowed to increase up to 30% calcination mixture. Thus, today instead of the three furnaces in the same performance are used two ovens.

Given that the capacity of the oxygen plant (3,000 cubic meters per hour) are higher than the zinc production, further increase the economic feasibility of transfer of lead production to oxygen. Oleg Karnaushenko also noted that "another advantage of korotkobarabannyh furnaces to oxygen is to reduce dust-of furnaces and improvement of the environment on the factory floor."

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