ELEKTROZAVOD rigged substation Kuzbass

At 500 kV Kuzbass (Kemerovo region) is set Transformer brand "ELEKTROZAVOD." Construction of the substation was carried out in the framework of the investment program of OAO "UES FGC".

 Photo source:pc-energo.ru

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" set for the auto-transformer substation 4 AODTSTN-267000/500/220 capacity of 267 MVA. Innovative power equipment designed and manufactured at the production complex of "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow. These units belong to the new generation of auto transformers, the manufacture of which were used electrical steel with low specific losses and improving the design of the main insulation, which significantly reduce the no-load losses. The result of innovations used in the design and manufacture of this type of transformer equipment, was to obtain a minimum loss in the elements of design and increase the life of the autotransformer without a major overhaul.

Substation 500 kV Kuzbass — the new generation power facility, the construction of which has been used the most advanced technology. Thanks to the work of the new grid object significantly improved the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of the Siberian region with a population of about 3 million people. In addition, provided an opportunity to develop the coal and steel industry in the south of Kuzbass.

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" the world's leading manufacturer with years of experience in developing and manufacturing various transformer, reactor and switching of electrical equipment. Especially for the objects of the Federal Grid Company at JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD" developed and produced the latest power equipment. The use of modern materials, reliable components provides a significant improvement in the basic parameters of the equipment, reducing the weight and size characteristics, reduced installation and maintenance costs.

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