ELSIB produced 8 motors for Beloyarsk

In April 2013 at the Beloyarsk them. Kurchatov (Sverdlovsk region) from Novosibirsk were delivered two electric motors and -AVTS-5000/115-60/660-6/24UHL4 AVTS-2500-6000-6UHL4.

As part of the contract of "OKBM" NGO "ELSIB" on a new nuclear power plant unit will operate three electric motors AVTS-5000/115-6000/660-6/24-UHL4 and one standby.

Induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor vertical models have been developed for the customer's specifications for the drive of the main circulation pumps of the first and second circuits reactor systems the BN-800.

In 2012, for the needs of Beloyarsk "ELSIB" was produced eight types of electric power AVTS 2500 and 5000/115 kW, which will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of power. 

To date, the construction of the BN-800 has been completed, installation is carried out by specialists of the necessary equipment. Scheduled commissioning of the reactor in operation — 2014

High-voltage electric motors

AVTS-5000/115-6000/560-6/24 UHL4

Weight, kg: 30700

Kw: 5000/115

Designation: AVTS-5000/115-6000/560-6/24 UHL4

Origin: Russia

ChastotaOboznachenie: speed (actual), rev / min.: 995/249

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