ELSIB sent a huge turbine generator at the Izhevsk CHPP-1

In mid-August, for the needs of "Izhevsk branch on the implementation of investment and priority projects" in Izhevsk CHPP number 1 was sent to one of the parts of the turbine generator TF-80-2U3, namely the stator itself.

The rotor of this powerful turbine generator was sent to Izhevsk in early August, he then became one of the first deliveries of production Novosibirsk plant "ELSIB", at the Izhevsk CHPP number 1. 

As part of the project "Reconstruction of Izhevsk CHPP number 1" back in April of this year, started the construction of the newest unit, which in itself implies a substantial increase in electrical power allocated to the station — about four times. You can also add that the new equipment supplied to Izhevsk CHPP number 1 meets all applicable requirements of industrial and environmental safety. 

"The Ural Turbine Works" and other large enterprises with "ELSIB" also deliver the necessary equipment for the new power Izhevsk CHPP.

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