ELVIS sums up 2011

The group of companies "ELVIS" sums up the year. In 2011, the company has established important partnerships, significantly increased production, expanded the product line.

One of the highlights for the group of companies "ELVIS" was cooperation with JSC "RUSNANO" and the creation of "ELVIS-NEOTEK", which carries out development and production of innovative safety systems and business monitoring based on intelligent platform Orwell 2k.

Significant advances group of companies "ELVIS" reached in microelectronics:

— In 2011 developed high-performance multi-core communications chip microprocessors 1892VM10YA (NVCom-02T) on 0.13 micron design rules and 1892VM11YA (NVCom-02) on the design rules 65 nm with built-in functions of GLONASS / GPS navigation. The development is made together with "Angstrom";

— Deliveries began RAM chips 1657RU1U (4 Mbits) made on the basis of radiation-resistant Library NPC "Elvis";

— Started to supply a set of chips 2-core microprocessor 1892VM8YA (MS-24R) and 16-channel "smart" switch 1892KP1YA (MSC-02R), developed on the basis of radiation-resistant Library NPC "ELVIS" by design rules 0.25 — m;

— Together with JSC "MCST" system on a chip designed Elbrus-2C + (90 nm design rules), which includes two processor cores architecture Elbrus and 4 DSP core "Multicore" Development SPC "Elvis";

— With the participation of experts group of companies "ELVIS", and European and Russian companies launched a Russian-European project to create a new long-term standard «SpaceWire-RT» for on-board space communications;

— Signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Company "Aircraft Engineering";

— Completed a number of strategic development activities and obtained a basic foundation for the implementation of a number of R &D in 2011-2014. Performed by a group of companies "ELVIS" by order of the Department of Radio Electronic Industry Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the aerospace and communications applications.

Started a long-term cooperation with domestic silicon factory of "Mikron". In the next 2 years is planned to produce about 10 part types of chips on the basis of radiation-resistant libraries in CMOS technology on bulk silicon with a 0.18-micron design rules for the production of "Mikron". In 2011, the first test obtained crystals are made by 0.18 micron technology.

The outgoing year was successful for the development of a unique group of companies "ELVIS" — Radar System (RLS) perimeter and area of objects Orwell-R.

Especially high demand for radar Orwell-R is observed by enterprises hydraulic engineering industry and the objects in the harsh climatic conditions.
The outgoing year was successful for the development of a unique group of companies "ELVIS" — Radar System (RLS) perimeter and area of objects Orwell-R

Experts Group "ELVIS" have created new and unique industry solutions:

— Video surveillance system for river and sea vessels Orwell 2k-Neptune — a unique system for all-weather-time protection for ships at sea, maneuvering in port, mooring.

— Video system counting and queue management Orwell 2k-Statistics — Support System visitor loyalty, comprehensive solutions marketing, sales, management and security personnel on the basis of video analytics Orwell 2k.

— The program complex (PC) "Pass Office with electronic applications" — a new solution for automating the preparation, issuance and tracking the life cycle passes (e-filing, approval of applications, preparation and printing of badges).

In 2011, a group of companies "ELVIS" continued active cooperation with JSC "MASH" and became the sole operator service aviation security systems of the International airport "Sheremetyevo". Currently Active Group 7 existing agreements with "Sheremetyevo".

In 2011, a group of companies "ELVIS" continued active cooperation with JSC "MASH"

In 2010, a project to build an integrated security system (SIS) Terminal E International airport "Sheremetyevo". The structure of the ISF entered CCTV system with computer vision Orwell 2k (92 camcorder 1st stage and 83 video cameras 2nd stage), Access Control System and Time Attendance Senesys (up to 100 000 users, 120 points of access control and alarm systems) and security alarm system.

The main task of the group of companies "ELVIS" — the development and improvement of its own line of innovative products, rational pricing, product promotion in the Russian and foreign markets.

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