Emissions in Kamchatka volcano ash could interfere aviation

Emissions in Kamchatka volcano ash could interfere aviation

Kamchatka volcano Kizimen eruption which lasts for a year, may next week start throwing ash to a height of more than 10 kilometers, creating, thus, the risk to air travel, the press service of Kronotsky reserve.

"The latest satellite data of Volcanic Eruption Response indicate that the outpouring of lava flow on the north-eastern slope of the volcano continues. Forecasts for next week, plumes above 10 feet above sea level is possible. Ash plume can be hazardous to flight international and local airlines "- written specialists Kamchatka reserve.

To clarify forecast volcanic activity to Kizimenu recently went complex scientific expedition of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

"Scientists plan overflew the volcano, to give a visual assessment of its condition, make videos and take pictures and get the data thermometers (temperature measurement — Ed.)," — Said in a statement.

As the authors report, observations of previous eruptions of this volcano is not that difficult, predict scientists.

Volcanic eruption Kizimen

Meanwhile, the long-term forecast of future eruptions Kizimov and related volcanic risk experts was formed in the early 1990s. Scientists have suggested two possible scenarios in the coming decades. According to the first, the activity of the volcano will be constant and accompanied by small eruptions. If the event will go to the second scenario, it could cause a catastrophic eruption Kizimov with the collapse of the dome of the volcano.

Kizimen (Schapinskaya hill) — the only volcano located on the western slope of the southern tip of the Kamchatka Ridge Tumrok, in structural terms — at the junction of the graben of the Central Kamchatka Depression with a handful of East Ridge. Height of the hill is almost 2.5 thousand meters. Silent for decades volcano started to become active in July 2010. Prior to this eruption was documented only in 1928-1929.

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