EMSS has reached a qualitatively new level of heat treatment of large rotors

JSC "EMSS" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) improved the quality of the heat treatment of parts due to modernization hardening cock.  

It is possible to considerably reduce the time of transport of the blank from the oven to the sprayer, which is one of the main requirements in quenching the generator rotor.

The reason for the upgrade quench hardening cock served in a vertical sprayer rotors up to 11 meters. Using the technology of maximum workpiece transfer shall not exceed five minutes. Upgraded valve performs this operation for 3.5 minutes. The maximum mass of the workpiece can be 150 tons.

"With the acquisition of the vertical sprayer for hardening rotors of this length was necessary to tap a new generation of quenching, which would ensure compliance with the process and was safe to use, — said the chief engineer of the project on the crane equipment of PJSC" EMSS "Konstantin share. — It was decided to upgrade the existing quench valve, thereby creating the appropriate equipment for hardening rotors and significantly reduce costs, "- he added.

The specialists of PJSC "EMSS" completely replaced the electrics in the hardening cock. Instead relay control system, set a new drive frequency that differs from its predecessor, higher precision and reliability. The drive also allows infinitely variable speed change of the crane from 0 to 100%. A new positioning system facilitated the process of transporting workpieces. Now you only need to specify the desired position and operated the crane up to 10 mm in automatic mode, and a crane operator controls this process.

For the uniform quality and hardening the entire rotor surface in the suspension was an additional drive which rotates the workpiece during processing in a sprayer. Making this decision made it possible to improve the quality of EMSS out of the heat treatment of parts.

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