ENERGY put DES Gesan for quarrying in Gukovo

The company "ENERGY" set DES Gesan DVAS 450E 350 kW in Gukovo, Rostov region. The station will provide the production of crushed stone in one of the quarries.

Diesel power Gesan (Spain) at the Volvo Penta engine and alternator Mecc Alte — a reliable solution for use in harsh environments. The station was provided in a protective casing which protects the work items set against changes in temperature and dusty air.

The powerful 6-cylinder engine Volvo Penta TAD 1242 GE ensures uninterrupted operation DSU Gesan DVAS 450E under heavy loading. The fuel tank capacity of 527 liters guarantees up to 6 hours of battery life at full load DES.

3-phase alternator Mecc Alte Spa ECO40-1S with electronic voltage regulator allows you to connect to the station as a three-phase and single-phase equipment.

Weatherproof housing DES Gesan DVAS 450E is made of galvanized steel. The interior panels are covered by a non-flammable glass fiber insulation, protection cover is class IP45. For ease of maintenance and repair of diesel generator casing is provided with doors are tightly sealed.

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