Entrepreneur fined for restoring damage to the assistant prosecutor

November 11, 2011 1:06

Kudymkar city prosecutor. Photos from the site by MENON panoramio.com

Entrepreneur from the Perm region Alevtina Mekhanoshin pay a fine for trying to put a spell on the assistant prosecutor, "Interfax" on Wednesday, November 9, with reference to the district prosecutor's office.

World Court Yusvenskogo region Perm region Mekhanoshin found guilty under part 1 of Article 130 of the Criminal Code (insult) and sentenced her to a fine of 8000 rubles. In addition, the entrepreneur has to compensate moral damage assistant prosecutor had paid 5000 rubles.

The incident took place in February 2011. Mekhanoshin went to the prosecutor, the court and the investigation department Kudymkar, trying to prove that her son had suffered as a result of police misconduct.

Mekhanoshin came to the local prosecutor's office, took out an envelope and asked the assistant prosecutor to take it in hand. When she refused, Mekhanoshin dumped out of the envelope on the table employee ashes. However, she uttered the words, "the meaning of which is that now the civil servant will suffer because of her family troubles", reports "Interfax". Assistant Prosecutor asked his boss for help. Together they made Mekhanoshin collect garbage in the office, then the injured woman went to court.

According to prosecutors, the son Mekhanoshin really was arrested for driving under the influence. The police had to use force, because during the arrest he tried to resist, but their actions were legitimized.

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