Europeans capitulate feral nature

While politicians debated the European capitals this week to deal with the global crisis, the whole of Germany with inseparable close attention to the fate of a cow named Yvonne. Unfortunate fate of wild animals, which can not help state agencies of the three countries has once again reminded the Europeans that their power may be powerless not only to terrorists, a crisis or a riot, but the face of any emergency situations. Especially if the state and society have different ideas on how to resolve it.

Sensing an ambulance sent to the slaughterhouse, six year old cow Yvonne in May, ran a farm near the south German town of Mühldorf. The hosts of the fugitive was soon forgotten. A cow loved life deer: the day she was resting, and at night grazing. About Cows remember when she ran out into the road in front of the police car and nearly caused an accident. Authorities said that Yvonne is a danger to road users, and have allowed hunters to shoot her. But here on the side of the cloven-hoofed animal got all Bavaria. "We will not rest as long as the save Yvonne" — say members of the movement Gut Aiderbichl, who already bought the cow from her hosts for 700 euros, thus depriving the state legal grounds to hunt the animal.

First fluent cow tried to steal out of the woods with a childhood friend named Cow Valtrod. But the heady air of freedom as Yvonne hit in the head, that she forgot about the friendship and did not react even to his own calf Waldi, which also led to the forest. Did not help catch cautious Cows and infrared cameras. Now defenders of animals lay the last hope for the bull Ernst. They hope that Yvonne will not resist the call of nature and come to the irresistible male.

What to do with runaway Burenkov, which the German newspaper dubbed "the cow who wants to be a deer" and "heroine of Summer", if this trick does not work, no one knows. Bild newspaper even offered a reward in the amount of 10,000 euros a person who save her. Extreme version rescue cows, which offer zoozaschitniki — is immigration. It is proposed to gradually drive away in neighboring Austria and Liechtenstein. Authorities of these countries are in confusion. After all, there is a road on which to wander prodigal Yvonne. But hunting license to shoot feral cows laws of Austria and Liechtenstein is not provided. And hunting without a license there in any case impossible.

Epic cow Yvonne vividly reminded Europeans relatively recent history with the Slovenian bears also baffled the public and state agencies in several countries. Ten years ago, bears from Slovenia were imported into the forests of France and Italy as part of a pan-European program to restore populations of this species. Growing up, one of the clubfoot, the journalists awarded the nickname Bruno, went from his native Italian province of Trento wander the world. First, he had wandered into Austria, then moved to Bavaria.

First enthusiasm about returning to Germany, Medvedev replaced anxiety. Bruno was an aggressive bear. To people he did not attack, but the berries and mushrooms prefer sheep, chickens and bee hives. The "criminal dossiers" bears the number 33 sheep, four domestic rabbits, one guinea pig, as well as dozens of chickens, goats and other animals. After all, the Bavarian authorities concluded that Bruno could threaten people, and decided to shoot him. Budding protest zoozaschitnikov that do forced authorities to organize the operation to capture the clumsy. But the operation was not successful: the fury of the German "green", Bruno still had to shoot him. This almost cost places the Minister of Environment of Bavaria.

Unnamed Slovenian bear of the Pyrenees Mountains, got into the habit to hunt sheep, also called the protest, but not the "green", and French farmers in the valleys of Luz Hautakam and Azam. Outraged inaction of the authorities, breeders tried to break through to the city hall surrounded by a ring of police of one of the villages. They threatened to block the road and not to let tourists to mountain resorts as long as they do not get rid of brown lamb lover. Sensational case came to Paris. While in the French capital at the level of government decides how to deal with violent bear, he inadvertently ran into the road and, to the delight of the Pyrenean farmers and chagrin of animal rights, died under the wheels of the truck.

Most recently, wild animals have caused European scandal, who was involved, even the European Commission — the supreme body of the European Union. Last October, the Swedish Parliament decided to allow licensed hunting of wolves. Why — is understandable. These populations in the country restored, and now, if their numbers will continue to grow, the gray can be dangerous to people and livestock.

But at the end of January this year, permission to hunt wolves was seen as a violation of the European Commission of the European natural law on protection of rare animals. Sweden was ordered to provide an explanation. Otherwise she threatened to court. In the parliament of the country began a heated debate. The Left Party is strictly required authorizations for shooting wolves. Government opposes. In Stockholm, hosted a demonstration, the participants of which were carrying coffins, symbolizing the dead wolves. As a result, the government retreated. And in April, was recorded the first attack on the wolf man: the animal came down on a year-old woman with a child under the city Norrtälje. Fortunately, people were not injured — just killed family dog that predator dragged into the woods.

Sergei Manuka, Konstantin Nikolaev

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