Even today, October 7

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

Night of frost, day 6 — 12 ° C.

Do not pass:

Speech singer Tatyana Bilonog with the program, "I believe in love" (Shults, Central District Library (St. Belarusian, 5), 14.00).

Presentation of the exhibition "The Bible — a book on the all times"(Minsk, Central Scientific Library (St. Surganova, 15), 15.00).

Presentation of the book selected historical prose Vladimir Orlov "We Wild Field" (Brest,. Crystal, 26, 19.00).

Days of German cinema (Minsk, cinema "Victory", 19.00).


In Stockholm, will be called the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Washington will fall session of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

On the Greek island of Rhodes — the opening of the annual World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations".

In Berlin, will open international exhibition of contemporary art "Art Forum Berlin 2010".

There is a reason:

International Day of Trade Unions "For decent work!"


In 1788, Ivan was born linguist Nosonovich. It came to light in the village Grazivets current Chaussy district. Before the Napoleonic invasion graduated from Mogilev Theological Seminary, and after the war worked in religious schools and the nobility throughout Belarus, at the same time collecting examples of living of the Belarusian language, which then amount to "Dictionary of Russian language." In addition to the dictionary, Nosonovich published collections of folk songs, proverbs and riddles.

In 1849, he died an American writer Edgar Allan Poe. It is called the founder of the detective genre, his eerie stories about pit and the pendulum, golden beetle or murder in the Rue Morgue still icy heart. According lived a very hard life of a nervous, a lot of suffering and was the cause of suffering for their environment. In addition to detective stories, Poe left in the creative treasures poems — quite unusual, and perhaps even more terrible and pathetic than his prose.

In 1897, Vilnius was created "Bund" — a common Jewish Labour Union of Lithuania, Poland and Russia. "Bund" was a proletarian, while the national Jewish organization. Within six months after its creation in Minsk with the assistance of the "Bund" will be the first Party Congress, composed of "Bund" will enter an autonomous part.

In 1932, Ivan was born novelist Ptashnikov. Among the best known works of the artist — stories "Lions", "Archybal", "race", the novel "Lonva", "Tartak", "Najdorf" novels "Mstsizhy" and "Olympics".

In 2002, the Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Seimas of Lithuania adopted a resolution on the restoration of Belarus in Vilnius Museum of Ivan Lutskevich.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "Independent trade unions demanded to cancel the contract"

Quote to remember:

"I am deeply convinced that the contradiction of the simplest forces motives in the human heart — to neadymnyh pristine abilities or experiences that define the nature of Man. Who did not feel a hundred times, making vile or stupid act for the sole reason that this can not be done? Are we, contrary to common sense, did not undergo eternal temptation to break the law solely because it is forbidden? "-
Edgar Allan Poe, "The Black Cat".

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