Everlast staged TCC Sheremetyevo three new Russian tankers

Ltd. "Everlast" (Odessa) completed the delivery of three new tankers to the Russian company "TCC" Sheremetyevo ". This was reported in the department of the "Everlast".

"Tanks are manufactured under contract for the supply of 17 semi-tanks of 30 m3 into four sections, with the bottom loading and vapor recovery. All 17 tanks will be shipped to the customer before the end of November this year, "- noted in the company. 

Tanks are delivered through a distributor, "Everlast" in Russia, the company ZAO "Autobahn", which is a dealer of all major manufacturers of tanks in Russia — "Sespel", "Graz", "Nefaz", "Capri", as well as a European manufacturer of tanks Kassbohrer.

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"The cooperation agreement with" Everlast "was signed in September 2012, and during this period from the site" Autobahn "has sold 47 tanks Everlast, as oil tankers and bitumen. The "Everlast" is a high-price segment, attracting the customer is not price, but the quality and the ability to meet specific needs, "- stressed in the company.

Recall that in July "Everlast" put five new tankers to the PAO "Zakarpatnefteprodukt-Mukachevo".

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Ltd. "Everlast" (Odessa) operates a plant for the production of specialized car trailers, trailers, superstructures on chassis for transportation of light and dark oil products, food, chemicals and liquefied gases. The company is the only one in Ukraine, which produces aluminum tank semitrailers for transportation of petroleum products and liquefied natural gas, as well as implemented a bottom loading system installation and recovery of gases produced by the model toplivotsistern. Tankers "Everlast" exploited by many major oil companies in Ukraine: "Galnaftogas", "Parallel", "BT Oil», SOCAR, «Hope", "Azovnefteprodukt", "Ukrpetroleum groups", "Zakarpatnefteprodukt-Mukachevo", "Transcontinental" and etc. JSC "Sheremetyevo refueling" — state-owned company serving the aircraft airport "Sheremetyevo". In 2013 the company began to develop the direction of trade and transportation of petroleum products.

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