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Brits trust the fate of "happy socks"

Employees of a British online casino conducted a survey among people in the UK as to what the signs of destiny they really a lucky find, and what — empty superstition.

The number of people who still believe in omens, impressed researchers. Although the majority of Britons do not believe in such talismans as cleft foot or horseshoe (87% and 62%), exactly half of the inhabitants of Albion yet admitted that they have a couple of "happy socks" that they put in front of the most important events .

The survey revealed that other common signs are also still alive. For example, in a broken mirror for what will not see 86% of respondents, while walking under a ladder reject about 60% of the study participants.

The smallest woman recognized Indian girl growing 63 centimeters

Representatives of Guinness World Records awarded the title of the little woman in the world 18-year-old resident of India, Jyoti Amge, the exact height of which is 62.8 cm

"I am thankful for his small stature. After all, if I was not so tiny, I could not go to Europe, Japan and other wonderful part of the world "- says Amge.

A young Indian girl is so small because of a genetic condition — achondroplasia, which is a form of dwarfism. Doctors believe that the more it will not grow.

Amge is not the first time celebrating a record. Two years ago, she was found the lowest teenager planet.

Freshly winner of the title in the near future plans to go to university, and then wants to devote himself to cinema.

The title of the petite woman in the history of the Earth yet Amge not submit. It still remains in Dutch Masters Pauline, who died in 1895. Her height of 61 centimeters.

Surfing Goat

Goat-surfer impressed everyone present on the beach in Grover Beach, California, a ride on the waves on board his master better than a professional surfer.

According to the owner of this unusual animal named Goat-ee (goat-ee), Diane McGregor, one day he decided to celebrate his birthday by surfing with your pet.

But the owner of the goat could not even imagine what that would be pretty easy on the board and quickly master the skills. Apparently, Goat-ee surfing perceived as hilarious entertainment.

Diane was stunned by what he saw: "It is very well managed — successfully catch a wave."

Originally an American bought a goat in order so that she could help with the destruction of the weeds in the yard of his house, but she later became his favorite pet and now goes everywhere with him, like a dog.

For those who do not believe in talent Goat-ee, Diane made a special video blog and promised to share them with a goat riding the surf every month. To goat drowned, the owner puts on pitomitsy lifejacket.

Minister accused of bullying mermaids builders

During his recent speech before the Parliamentary Committee Minister of Water Zimbabwe Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said that all the workers sent to them for the construction of new reservoirs near the towns of Gokwe and Mutare, refused to do so because they are afraid of mermaids living in lakes, where you want to build .

As a result, an officer decided to ask local leaders to hold a series of rites, including mermaids, magical brew for beer, to appease them. Initiative was supported by the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Ignasius Tshombe.

According to Nkomo, he tried to hire employees with white skin color, in the hope that they do not believe in mermaids, but they also refused to go to work — for the same reasons.

Belief in mermaids and other mythical creatures common in a country where many people combine Christianity with traditional beliefs.

Phantom of the protests against the demolition of houses

Housebreaker were pretty scared to find the photos of abandoned and destined for demolition of Victorian houses in Kendal (Cumbria, UK), the spectral figure with glasses, standing at the window.

As they say, the picture is very similar to Frances Grimshaw, who used to live here and used to spend hours standing at the window.

59-year-old David Grimshaw is convinced that the figure in the photo is the ghost of his mother, who died last year at age 87: "I am sure of it, — he says. — She wore glasses and big earrings, and she usually always wore a dress with a bow in front of old-fashioned. "

David believes that the spirit may have appeared to protest against the demolition of the house.

34-year-old worker Shang Stewart added: "The day before the shooting house we took out the furniture out of the building, and suddenly I noticed the chandelier swinging on its own. My hair stood on end. I thought it was a ghost. "

Girl fell from the tenth floor on hands casual passer

Chinese woman fell from a two-year window of parental apartment on the tenth floor of the skyscraper, and remained unscathed. She caught the woman, who at that time was passing by skyscrapers.

This story takes place in the city of Hangzhou. Fan Gou Jian was in the apartment with his grandmother. An elderly woman did not watch the child and the child's flight from the tenth floor and the amazing rescue captured color camera surveillance.

Savior girl was 31-year-old Wu Yu-ping. Seeing a flying baby, she threw down a pair of high heels and hands stretched out in front of him.

She managed to catch the girl, but she fell under the weight of her body on the pavement and broke her left arm.

Local pediatric hospital doctors who conducted inspection rescued child, serious injuries on the girl's body was found.

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