Explosive political game on the field of power in Islamabad

Explosive political game on the field of power in IslamabadIt's no secret, the danger to the sovereignty and internal stability of the country do dissension in the highest circles of power. Danger repeatedly increases if the warring parties to seek assistance from other States, haunting, usually, their own greedy purposes.

Pakistan is now torn by profound internal contradictions between the highest civilian and military authorities. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and his entourage set up the coming clearly pro-American, while the highest military circles have a right inverse of persuasion.

In the conditions of constant confrontation plainclothes peak reached extremes, bordering on treason. Fear of the possibility of a military coup forced the president of Pakistan to seek assistance from the United States. He placed his hopes that the Western partners posodeystvuyut him one hundred percent change top General, so that the upper echelons of the military power consisted of priklnnyh obedient to him and to the United States artists.

It should be borne in mind that all this is happening against the background of a very strained relationship with former North American partner.

The cooling between the U.S. and Pakistan due to multiple military incidents on the border with Afghanistan, during which killed Pakistani citizens. For example, in September 2010, the South American military helicopters firing was carried out, resulting in the deaths of two Pakistani army soldier. In response to this action Islamabad froze deliveries of military supplies to the end of the joint investigation of the incident. It turned out that the premise of the disaster was the lack of coordination of military operations partners. United States pledged to coordinate all operations with Pakistan near its borders.
But the promise was broken in May 2011 during a special operation to kill Osama bin Laden. And, when asked Islamabad to guarantee that similar violations will no longer be managing the U.S. responded very arrogant. It has become a prerequisite for the upcoming cooling of relations between the former partners.

I must say that the behavior of the U.S. official Islamabad also almost all are not happy about it. I did not like flirting with Islamist movements inside the country and the danger puppet government of Afghanistan. Very bad attitude overseas partner the intentions of Pakistan to do more cramped trade deal with Russia and China. Irritated danger in the address of India.

So Makar, by mid-summer the U.S. Information Service launched a campaign against Pakistan having to discredit Pakistan, saying that Islamabad can not ensure the security of nuclear weapons in their country. On a fully legitimate protest Pakistani intelligence services, accusing the United States of premeditated discharge voltage, which can affect both the international style, and the internal stability of the country, the official said Washington unfounded accusations of plotting terrorist acts. So reputation Pakistan, previously considered completely respectable U.S. ally in the West was completely spoiled, as, in general, and business partnerships between countries.

But the last straw that broke the patience of Islamabad, was the November incident on the Afghan border, with the result that the bombing of Pakistani post NATO helicopters killed May 20 border guards.

The incident forced Islamabad to act very aggressively. Were closed all the way, necessary for the supply of U.S. supplies to Afghanistan. Redirecting traffic caused a six-fold rise in price. In response, the U.S. Congress has frozen the financial aid of 700 million dollars. After the money exchange "pleasantries" of the case between the former partners were in a measured frozen, during which time the South American media continued information war against Pakistan.

In light of the events listed above are not surprising, then, that the appeal of the President Pakistan for help to the United States was seen as a betrayal of the municipal. Even the always priklnny to a civilian government to the Supreme Tribunal was very indignant. There have been a large-scale investigation, during which suddenly were revealed sensational facts involved in the incident of some persons from the president's inner circle. The cases are taken very steep turn. The Supreme Tribunal claimed the president and the prime minister of voluntary resignation.

Agitated in such an acute course of events experts talking about the future of the military coup that, in principle, for Pakistan would not surprisingly.

Another first last week, it seemed that power Asif Ali Zardari is on the line. But suddenly changed its own course of action. Just then Prime Pakistan Gilani begins a bold and tough measures. He sends down Secretary of Defense Khalid Lodhi. Army Chief Kayani and a few senior military officers have been warned.

In general, for Kayani warning not worked, and already for the next day he was lurking convene a meeting of all the corps commanders, and after the meeting directs a civilian government an ultimatum that the continuation of this kind of sanctions against the military does a good finishes.

On ultimatum civilian government responded Foreign Ministry official promise to restore relations with the United States and the Pakistani media quoted unofficial sources said that the U.S. will soon be able to use the previously locked corridors to continue the transportation of cargo to Afghanistan.

The Supreme Tribunal suddenly took a wait-and presentation professionals have started to lean towards the fact that prior to the elections in 2013 Plainclothes power Pakistan remains the same.

But given that the military in Pakistan have not the least power than civilians, and greater credibility with the population, to foresee the course of future events is very difficult.

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