Explosives-implant as the future of terrorism

Explosives-implant as the future of terrorism

Featured in the American media the information that the Department of State Security in the United States sent a South American airline newsletter about new ways hijackers, commented quite relaxed. According to reports, the South American intelligence had evidence that "Al Qaeda" is planning to use explosives implanted in the body of a suicide …

Allegedly, the "father" of modern techniques, is a citizen of Saudi Arabia's 28-year-old Ibrahim Ashir, South American intelligence agencies have long been recognized. Specifically, he concluded that the ability to implant explosives in the tummy, buttocks, breasts surgically. They picked up and the corresponding type of explosive PENT (pentaerythritoltetranitrate), which can be arbitrarily long inside the body. Explosive driven into it by injection syringe watery detonator.

Apparently, the structure of which feed terrorism, try to make a technical breakthrough to make the world helpless in front of their plans. And the world reacts awkwardly, out of time and fucking behind.

Once it all started with hijacking for political purposes. Liquidation themselves aircraft with passengers while it was still not an end in itself but a means of blackmail, that prinevolit crew follow the necessary route or force the government to meet certain conditions. Russian terrorists were the first, although at that time they were known in the West as "political champions".

October 15, 1970 father and son Brazinkasy hijacked in Turkey An-24 c 46th passengers on board, en route from Batumi to Sukhumi. Hijacking was connected with the murder of the flight attendants and the injury of crew members. Extradition agreements between the USSR and Turkey was not, and the terrorists were in Turkey, received a total of 8 years of jail. After 4 years, they came under amnesty.

Further more

1972. May 8 — capture Sabena Flight 572. Four Palestinian terrorists from the group "Black September" seize aircraft "Boeing 707", en route flight Vienna — Tel Aviv, the Belgian airline Sabena. The plane made a landing at the airport in Lod. May 9 Sayeret Matkal special forces unit under the command of Ehud Barak held hostage rescue operation. During the operation, two terrorists were killed and two others — captured, killed and one hostage, two more hostages, and special forces soldier Benjamin Netanyahu were injured.

Then, the epidemic has spread rapidly, and to combat it took action on an international scale, including the International Convention for the smooth issuance of the country of origin of terrorists. But this prevented the narrow political interests. After all, even the killer Brazinskas were announced in the West Russian political opponents of the regime, and in the end, settled in the United States.

Many countries have chosen not clear suppression of acts of terrorism by way of counter-terror, which led not only to the glorification of terrorists in their midst, and the death of innocent hostages. From the perspective of counterterrorism professionals, more effective way at that time consisted of making concessions to terrorists (if they are likely to occur) right before their capture, and then — a formidable legal punishment with the largest involvement of the media. But this method has been cut off, and the media have become the heroes of the special mission. The Special Forces are not a lot of confused terrorists with the motivation of suicide bombers. Accordingly, the epidemic continued to spread grabs.

Finally, in 1997, the UN sees the "International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings," which in practice is not enough given that, because there were articles on the preferential right to punish terrorists detained by the authorities of their countries, and not by the authorities of their countries of origin . The absence of a consolidated position of the world community in the fight against terrorism has opened it to the upcoming development. Even against the background of the expanded intelligence cooperation in this area, the problem has not been solved to this day. Pretty useless to mention the sample to reach the RF extradition of Akhmed Zakayev, the UK, although the volume dossier on his sins have long passed the English authorities.

As a result, the international community has allowed terrorism to grow up in the 90s in more terrible shape — mass terror by the destruction of airliners. One of the first acts of terrorism was the explosion of a South American airliner over the Scottish selenium Lockerbie in 1988. As it turned out, he had a Libyan intelligence services in response to the bombing of Tripoli in 1986, causing the death of the daughter of Muammar Gaddafi. It is the only recognizable case of air terrorism, organized by official agencies of the country — unless, of course, discard serious suspicions that the terrorist attack September 11, 2001 was also organized at the initiative and with the active participation of the hidden structures that permeated the U.S. intelligence services (that there is a huge amount of evidence).

The real heyday of air terrorism to the period after the "9/11" for the enemies of the West, many have seen the "advantages" of similar actions. After the "9/11" "Al Qaeda" and other terrorist organizations have sharply raised the rating of their own fame and firmly took place in the major global news. The airways become one of the main objects of terror, which entered into competition with the Western security system in an attempt to beat her.

The example of the same Ashir Ibrahim, who is hiding in Yemen. This man seems to have assumed the role of not only the concept, design and control programs from air terrorism. Specifically, with all of its submission conducted new experiments in this area. He, for example, is credited with the invention of "shoelace terrorism" that created prepyadstviya for security systems around the world.

In December 2002, British citizen Richard Reid aboard Flight "American Airlines" Paris — Miami tried to set fire to a fuse sticking out of his boot. Cord poorly lit, rose stink at Reid sent a note and he was caught by alert passengers. As it later turned out, the heels of his shoes were hidden explosive, but the professionals have doubts that such an amount she was able to cause a catastrophe. Reid received indefinite detention, and the world now passengers are required to take off one's shoes before passing control framework.

Another "invention" Ibrahim Ashir considered "underwear terrorism»(Underwear terrorism), got its title after a failed explosion flight Northwest Airlines Flight 253 December 25, 2009 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutalabom. This placed the Nigerian bag of explosives PETN under his causal place in his underwear. It must be said that the calculation Ashir justified. Control of the airport explosives did not reveal, and later there was a flash in the pan. When a suicide bomber tried to bring the device operated by a chemical detonator, it caught fire linen, and here he was neutralized by passengers and crew. However, once the investigation has shown that even if the explosion occurred, it would not have enough power to destroy an aircraft fuselage. In the worst case, a suicide bomber killed himself and to his closest neighbor.

The idea to use implants Ibrahim Ashir fit evenly and without loss. In August 2009, hi
s brother Abdul Hassan tried to kill the Saudi deputy interior minister, a bomb hidden in the rectum. He died, and the minister survived.

Ashir stood in front of the problem of explosives. Those volumes that he has learned to smuggle in the aircraft on the death of innocent people around the control system were clearly insufficient. And brand new find — implants in the body of death.

Americans not to joke alarmed information received. Which cost a great deal of safety system is again lagging. So far there are only two conceivable ways to identify implants — survey completely naked for the passenger to identify surgical sutures (and on whom these joints not?) And a thorough feeling tummy, buttocks and breasts of women with no guarantee that there will be a charge specifically identified, and, for example not bad effects of peristalsis.

Bulletin of the Department of Public Safety called the U.S. has only confusion. And truth: how to fight the recent failures? In the spirit of American traditions may occur subsequently. While the thunder clap, nothing will not be undertaken. And when the first such act of terrorism is committed, the safety car will work at full speed, and not only in the United States, and around the world, the passengers, including you and I have to go to the control, in stark naked. And with all this hurt anyone's guess, does not expect to have a new invention after the terrorists and also endoscopy.

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