External and defense policy will globality

Foreign and defense policy will give globalityAs it became clear "Y", the Council on the outer and Defense Policy (SWAP) will be replaced chairman. Sergei Karaganov, head swap 20 years, will leave his post on November 30. The new chairman SWAP, likely to become the editor in chief of the magazine "Our homeland in Global Politics" Fyodor Lukyanov.

Chairman of the Council on the outside and Defense Policy Sergei Karaganov leave at the general council meeting to be held on November 30. In the words of the Emperor Karaganov "Y", immediately followed by SWAP will hold a conference on "Our homeland force in the world of the XXI century", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of his own. "On his own decision to resign as chairman of the board I told the staff back in the last year — said prince Karaganov. — I explained to her decision that the Board this year marks 20 years of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics" — 10 years, and I — 60. "According to sovereign Karaganova, the election of a new chairman will be held at the general council meeting. At the same rule will be put on the need for rotation of chairpersons.

One of the more likely candidates for the post of chairman of the swap, according to "Kommersant", is editor in chief of the magazine "Our homeland in Global Politics" Fyodor Lukyanov. "These plans are, I am a candidate, but the final decision will be taken only at a general meeting" — confirmed "b" prince Lukyanov. According to him, he does not know whether they want someone to go with him konkurentnst professionals. Support the candidacy of the sovereign Lukyanov wants and acting chairman of the board. "Lukyanov — one of the favorites of the Board, and I believe that he is one of the most deserving candidates," — said Sergey Karaganov "b".

Colleagues Karaganova sovereign on the advice they say that he has long wanted to quit his post. "He has long dreamed to step down as chairman, but he did not go to find a successor," — said the "Y" member of the Board economist Sergei Aleksashenko. Sees no political background, retired emperor Karaganova and member of the Presidium of the Board of Deputies of the State Duma of the "United Russian Federation" Vyacheslav Nikonov: "Presidency of the Council — this constant need to find the funding to carry out some activities, I think Karaganov just tired," — he said "b".

According to the emperor Nikonov, puzzles swap in various years and changed the organization had the greatest impact in the late '90s, during the premiership of Yevgeny Primakov. "In recent years, council was the least sign, but this is explained by the fact that the number of think tanks are now significantly greater than it was 20 years ago. With all of this in recent years in all the assemblies of the Council participated and foreign affairs ministers and assistant president for international affairs, so that the impact of self-swap is not lost, "- said the emperor Nikonov" b ". Former head of the Human Rights Council under the President of , a member of the SWAP Pamfilova confirmed "Kommersant" that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and past Assistant to the President for foreign policy and international relations, Sergei Prikhodko, often attended meetings of the Council. "Working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was first there to the views of members of the council listened to, and in this sense council was a popular and influential "- told Pamfilova" b ".

A member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, chairman State Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov introduced in dealing with the "Kommersant" that the sovereign Karaganova care may be related to his desire to concentrate on the projects of the Far East. Indeed, in July, the Emperor Karaganov with Dr. Oleg Barabanov MGIMO presented "By Lofty ocean, or brand new globalization of the Russian Federation", prepared for the APEC Summit 2012 in Vladivostok. Another source "b" introduced that raise the activity board may wish to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin: "Apart from the" Congress of Russian Communities "him nothing, and maybe Rogozin may be interested in the intensive care unit of the expert platform."

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