Extreme fire danger awaits the Rostov region in the coming days

Forecasters predict a higher, fifth grade fire in the next three days in the north-western, north-eastern and southern Rostov region, said Tuesday's press service GUMCHS Russia's Rostov region.

"In connection with this projected emergencies at most municipal nature related to landscape fires, fires in the Lake (reeds), fires at the sites of the economy and in the settlements located in fire zone," — said in a statement.

Rescuers recommend people not to leave the Don region in the sun flammable liquids and debris, which can cause a fire, and do not burn stubble and dead wood, not fuel the fires in nature.

During the last week in the Rostov region there were at least four major fires in industrial and warehouse facilities in the region. Since May 16, a fire occurred in the spray booth shop Rostov electric locomotive factory, nobody was hurt. On the same day in the city of Kamensk Shakhtinsky burned the building in which the company was engaged in manufacture of corrugated packaging and illegal manufacture of glue. Three workers were killed and a criminal case.

Last weekend in the area also burned a military depot for disposal of property plant and ice cream. The plant "Proxima", according to the Emergencies Ministry, caught fire fridge. As a result, a fire destroyed 2,000 square meters of the building, no one was hurt.

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