Eyes, as a deadly weapon

April 18, 2012 10:06

Deadly eyes

The unusual phenomenon of young Spanish researchers demonstrated Monica Tejada. Singing the gaze of her blue eyes, bent metal objects, the researchers inserted a steel wire in a sealed glass jar. But that did not stop Monica bend solid thread in silhouette dinosaur with open mouth, at the time such work units recorded temperature rise and fall in blood pressure in subjects girl. This combination puts doctors in a deadlock. Moreover, the device shows the action currents of the brain typical day sleeper.

Deadly eyes

We know that some wizards and witches can harm human health, if you look at him with evil thoughts. However, you can not just look bedevil, but to kill.
In the first century AD, the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder in his "Natural History", setting out the accumulated knowledge in the ancient world, described the "king snakes Basilisk", which has the ability to kill not only poison, but look. Biologists subsequently named after him genus of lizards of the family of iguanas that live in South America, have them hook and mythical snake on the back ridge. As for the expression "look of the Basilisk," in the sense of "killer", although it was included in many languages, it's just fabulous fiction, scientists say, no living creature can look cause death.

With all due respect to science will not jump to conclusions. In many cultures a symbol of death is a skull with empty eye sockets. And this image has a hidden meaning, he warns that "skinny" can cause the eyes of a living person. This was back in the XI century, said the founder of medical science, the famous Ibn Syna, also known as Avicenna; "Often the soul affects someone else's body, such as under the influence of an evil eye." A philosopher Thomas Aquinas, canonized, has concluded that, due to strong emotional stress, changes in the cells of the human body. And mostly they are related to the eyes, which have a special radiation as charge air in the distance.

And in 1553, the famous European scientist Cornelius Agrippa in his work "Occult Philosophy", wrote: "In Illyria and tariballov there are women who sacrificed all those to whom they look angry. Also, women who inhabit the Greek island of Rhodes, through his eyes all change for the worse. "

The strength in the view of natives

One senior British official said Carsten before his death near a curious history. He served in the colonial administration in India. When the rainy season was over, Karsten and his friends went hunting, which has killed an elephant, and found that he took with him a special knife to cut out the tusks. Leaving the servants to guard the trophy, the British went to the plantation. When the three hours the hunters returned, their frightened servants hid in the bushes, and a few dirty savages undersized cut tusks of an elephant. Angered by Carsten ordered dwarf natives cleaned away. But the only response blatantly laughed. Servants drive them refused flatly. "It mullukurumby. They can not hurt. And then nashlyut death "- trembling, urged servants Indians. Carsten has a ridiculous explanation and rabies. He is a tall man, in the prime of life, in a rage kurumbov leader grabbed by the hair and threw to the ground and repeatedly struck with a bamboo stick.

— Dwarf on his feet, but to my great surprise, not run away, but was not looking up, looking at me, — said Carsten on his deathbed. — From his eyes, I felt nauseous. Flooded is disgusted that I threw a kick to the side.

Strange condition, which the Englishman has not given value, quickly passed. He mocked the ridiculous fears of servants, who carried some nonsense about the "snake eyes", complained to his friends in the evening, as it is difficult to manage "this stupid and superstitious people." The next day, used to get up very early Karsten, barely awake by noon. By evening, strong right arm ached, the day before he was "thrashed" hideous dwarf. " On the third day, the Englishman came down at all: they possessed a terrible weakness. Officer rushed to Delhi. But doctors found no disease could not. "I feel like a lead instead poured blood" — complained Karsten. Condition deteriorated rapidly: appetite, insomnia, and started a lot of pain. Healthy, athletic people in four days turned into a skeleton. On the ninth day he has to take away the language, and on the thirteenth he died.

The story of the merchant-Europeans, try to master the power of the Indian woman. She did not fight back, but only looked at as a rapist, that he lost consciousness. When he was brought to life, it turned out that he is paralyzed leg, moreover, he became impotent. Such cases pundits explain the guilt and self-suggestion, which for some reason acquire rapists.
Canadian newspaper "Canadian Tribune" described the case of hunting, when a 55-year-old Steve Mc Kellan attacked by a grizzly bear. Lying on the ground, he instinctively put out his hand with a knife, and the look of rage and despair, stared into the eyes of the beast. Bear stood. Hunter continued to stare intently into her eyes, as if in the pupils. He knew — to do so — only fueled aggressive animal. But he could not help it. Suddenly, a bear made a loud roar and fell to the ground. It turned out that she was dead. Later, during the inspection bear on it is not even found scratches. The researchers suggested that the cause of death is a powerful bio-energy pulse of the human eye, destroying the nerve cells in the brain of the beast.

Fatal aria

In addition to general statements about the terrible effects of the eye, there is concrete evidence of the witnesses of this phenomenon. In the 80 years of the XIX century in Sicily told of one resident of the city of Messina, whose eyes had deadly force. Randomly, without any intent gaze cast he could kill a man. One day, he stared at his reflection in the mirror storefront. And shortly thereafter became ill and died mirrors reflected and returned him to his own "killer" look.

But what death of several people in the theater described the English magazine "Light" in 1890: "At this time on the stage of the Imperial Opera in Paris was a favorite singer Massol. In private life this man was different moody character, he also had a hideous appearance. Particularly nasty hit all the brilliance of his eyes. His mental capacity was very limited, but the voice — highly musical, so Massol was a success, and many French aristocrats were in his singing almost demonic bewitching charm.

In the premiere production of the opera Gayaevi, "King Charles the Sixth," was the party Massol. Particularly impressive he performed the aria "curse" so that the public is often required repetition. Once there was a performance of a strange and inexplicable case. Massol sang "The Curse" with the construction of the eyes to the ceiling, and before the applause subside as workers move during arias scenery above and fell. When rushed to his aid, he was already dead. It's so depressing effect on the artists and the audience, which gave the opera a long time.

After some time, it resumed and Massol had to again participate in the performance. The memory of the sudden death of an unwitting audience was apparently still too fresh, and this time, performing an aria, the singer did not dare raise his eyes. But at some point he paused to glance casually Kapellmeister — the last almost immediately fell ill and died on the third day of unusual nervous attack.
A few months before the Parisian public was able to hear the opera again, when they announced a fatal aria, all in fear of expected a new disaster.

Massol advised to sing, looking at pre-scheduled an empty box. He agreed. Later it turned out that the box took a visiting merchant from Marseilles, a latecomer to the submission and which was the time for the "curse." Once again, Paris was shocked by the news of a new sudden death. After this opera forever removed from the repertoire, and Massol in 1858, he left the stage. "

Special energy or "mark the devil"?

Scientists at the American University Kviza decided to conduct an experiment to see how often people who can, according to this conventional wisdom, to feel the glare. In the experiment involving more than hundreds of volunteers. Each was seated in the middle of the room. At some point in the back of his head staring man with "piercing" eyes. Once the subject felt the look, he immediately gave the researchers know about it. When summed up the results of the experiment, it was found that 95 percent of people who took part in the experiment almost immediately felt the characteristic pressure at the back.

MD Viktor Yakovlev believes that there is a special form of energy attack — hit remote eyes. The people called it a "black eye." However, according to the observations of the scientist, the common opinion of the magic power of people with dark iris is ungrounded. Beats look equally well applied as dark-eyed and blue-eyed. The effect depends on the extent of the technique of the energy of impact and emotional state.

Belief in the "evil eye"

In the history of human society has a certain kind of attitude to those who are able to overlook. But what are the circumstances and causes produce a man with "an evil eye"?
At this point there are several assumptions. The main reason is believed to be hereditary. In the case when one of the relatives of the newborn had a "bad" eye, it necessarily had to be inherited. Another reason could be the strong curse that lies on the person. And perhaps such a situation. If the mother will separate their child from the breast, and then regret their child and again will feed breast milk, he will become the owner of "bad" eye.

It is widely believed that not all "marked" the devil can cause unhappiness with his eyes intent. For some people, this happens even against their will. And this is a special otchitka.

How to determine if a person "black" eye? The experience gained by people for many centuries, shows that such people in the appearance or character of a strange thing. Often, they are endowed with large eyes and unblinking scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the "evil eye" fear perfectly healthy person. Renowned scholar of Slavic folklore AN Afanasyev said: "evil. lazami always considered black, and brown eyes. "
But the most dangerous were slanting eyes. So hook a man can not look straight in the eyes, felt that he was looking at the devil. Thus the word "slash" is used to mean "devil", by the way, death is also styled "scythe old woman."

There are many methods to protect against "evil eye." However, the main preventive aspect is to avoid anyone's envy. Therefore always tried to alert people not to stand out from the crowd and attract attention surrounding his appearance.
By the way, the poor in many nations of the world were considered very capable of the evil eye.

Deadly momentum

Identified by external features a man who has the ability to make energy attack impossible. They can be almost any indicator case with Vladimir Toktarova — owner of Sounds of th eyes.

One summer to his farm near Samara, where he grows steers, bestowed intruders. Skinheads guys-farming Toktarova entered the house and began to offer him the way "roof." Non-native "'brother" does not imply that the owner is only pretending calm, but in fact it is his angry rages "gift." Twenty minutes later racketeers were "switched off" and fall to the floor. After some time, the farmer woke up and shoved stunned guys and advised them not to appear more here.

In the village say that the farmer devilry winded. He laughs, "No evil power has nothing to do with it. It does not favor me, because I am an atheist and do not believe it — and is seriously said: — I have not seen it in my will, and I'm critical situations. "

Usually kills only look Toktarov Colorado beetles on his site they are not, and on the adjacent — the darkness, no himihaty not help.

In terms of the impact of energy is no fundamental difference between the "eyes of the Basilisk," corruption and the evil eye. The thing is, what range of frequencies present in a "light view" that infect humans. Depending on this, they disturb the normal functioning of certain organs and systems. Fortunately, not everyone can bring damage, not to mention the slaughter of the "look of the Basilisk," the sending deadly impulse to the heart. This is as rare as a true gift of bioenergy healing.

Author: A.Belsky
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism »№ July 2012

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