Eyewitnesses have drawn Chupacabra of Coosa



Late in the evening Nicholas from Coosa (South Urals), passing through the city past the metal urns, suddenly felt the eyes. He turned — and saw a strange-looking animal that is clearly interested passers-by. A man in possession of a gun, he walked from the hunt. Nicholas was about to shoot, but the chupacabra, sensing danger, ran away. Yuzhnouralets caught a glimpse of the beast.

— The animal is very similar to a dog, but slightly larger. He has a bald face and more claws, long tail. More items did not have time to consider. They say the animal seen in the spring during fire fighting in the city dump, and the fall in the forest ranger spotted her — said Nicholas.

The description that was a resident of Coosa, coincides with the testimonies of other witnesses. One of the witnesses after a meeting with the Chupacabra even made a portrait of her.

— The monster is very similar to a dog, only fur on it is almost there. It is lean, but it is clear that strong. Massive claws on the feet, legs a bit like a Rottweiler. For some reason, the animal was very frightened. It is seen that attack man he did not much like — said the author of the picture.

At the moment, no case of Chupacabra attacks on people have been recorded. However, more and more animals can be seen close to the cities. Game wardens believe that the animal simply nothing to eat, and because of the small amount of hair, it runs the risk of freezing in severe frosts Urals. Because of this, the Chupacabra and trying to get into the home sheds or hide in a landfill.

About an unusual animal South Urals talked a little more than a year ago. Chupacabra then raided the home monastery Kopeysk, Korkino and Kusa. The beast was fed rabbits and chickens, actually sucking their blood. Soon the attacks stop, and forget about the Chupacabra. But in early October, the alarm sounded resident Emanzhelinsk. At night, the beast had killed her rabbit and dog scared to death. And in December, close to the snow found paw prints animal.

According to experts, in the Chelyabinsk region inhabited by more than one chupacabra. Biologists and hunters are hoping that someone will be able to catch it live.

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