Factory foam packaging launched universal thermal containers made of foam polystyrene

Ekaterinburzhsky "Factory foam packaging" in early 2011, launched mass production of generic cold box "Varmboks" of foamed polystyrene. Universal cold box "Varmboks" is used for packaging, transportation and storage of different types of products.

Along with its main function — to ensure the safety of packaged goods — cold boxes "Varmboks" perform other functions, it is container, which is stored inside the specified temperature for a specified time. At the beginning of the year put into mass production of various modifications of the foam boxes of 45 liters, with dimensions of 600 * 400 * 300 boxes can have walls, edges on the bottom of the container, holes for ventilation and water drainage. The first customers have already received the samples of manufactured products at a given time will test a new product in the Ural their business.
In 2011, "Factory foam packaging" plans to bring to market a package of more than 100 types of foam plastic foam Varmboks cold boxes of various sizes and variations, according Plastinfo.ru. Foam packaging plant — the only factory in the Ural-Siberian region specializing in the manufacture and packaging of products from plastic foam. The plant produces foamed polystyrene and extruded polystyrene of different brands.

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