Faithfulness of — not only the sacred duty of the Eurasian peoples, and the obvious condition of their survival

"Russian people — the righteous sufferer — spoiled us all …"
Loyalty to Russia - not only the sacred duty of the Eurasian peoples, but also trivial condition of their survivalVazgen Avakian, Economist, Economic Adviser:

I do not know Ukrainian, but at least some common Armenian milk mom gets the idea of the ordinary, first think of the Russian Federation, and only later on for yourself. And this is not some delicate matter, and the usual calculation: do not become of — no dust remains of both Armenia and Armenians. The words "Russian" and "Life" in the many centuries of our history have been synonymous for us. You could say — "live" and you can say — "there are majestic Russia" without any harm to the point …

Loyalty RF — Not only the sacred duty of the Eurasian peoples, and the apparent condition of their survival.

As Ukrainians do not understand? How can I get to such an extent moral and domestic expansion, so deliriously proud to call themselves instead of the title "Russian", "marginal" person? After outskirts — is the same slum, boondocks! Abandon be — and by whom? Russian! — For the sake of law and incomprehensible joy of being unclear whom it is not clear whose land … God be their arbiter. Choosing among them is small, because the word "Russia" and "life" — synonymous. They want to live — let them go to Russia. They do not want to live — it's up. There is a post-Christian theory — say, a person has the right to control their own lives. Let dispose …

Let's say that there were no illusions! Russophobia, guys, it's your bio, rough, without the quotes, death. Our home without you somehow survive. And here you are without it — no way.

It's not because I'm spiteful. I speak not as a politician, as a theorist of technocracy. Anti-Russian republics, listen up! Due to its size, you can not be self-contained little world. Means either death by suffocation, or to trade with the outside world. As for the death by suffocation — ask me about Armenia that beats in the grip of an economic blockade and Russian support only a little more warm. But you want to trade, do not you?

And who needs your products — poor, small-batch, custom antediluvian equipment that you already like 20 years old and do not want to update? Your products are manufactured in a relatively cool, unfavorable relative to the main production areas with climates Straseni cost?

The Russian people — the righteous sufferer — spoiled all of us, rolling on his own neck, and heads to us — some of the Armenians from the Turks, Slavs from — that other people can have the majestic on the neck roll. Nonsense! The Russian people have a world-historical exception in a family of majestic imperial nations. No matter what other empire pamper you will not, and will thrash with a stick, sending the most dark and dirty work, and fuck the method, the nature of God and unpleasant. And her empire, the right to be in her power, and not as in Russian — in Truth. And tell me that I'm wrong! You zabivshie all brothels Ukrainian muddled world, and all the garbage of Europe — Ukrainian homeless, you are leaving behind millions of slice of bread beyond Tipo own country — tell me I'm wrong!

The law of world trade is: profitable trade can only be one who relies on force. A force is only at the Empire. If you do not have an imperial power, the sovereign Ukrainian, Tajik, sir, — to trade with you, no one will. You've just taken away by force, it will be necessary.

And where are you, Russophobe, go to complain? In the Hague tribunal, which Serbs in their cells at night choking? Either the UN in global laughingstock? Spoiled all of us non-Russian, Russian-kindness. Russian honestly paid, sometimes with an overpayment, at least some of our product. What do you think the Yankees, Brit, Teuton same? You ask the Iraqis, fools, what they traded with the Yankees and how much Americans pay for their oil … Ask you have Colombians whose kids have forgotten the taste of milk, you ask at the Thais, whose girls go blind in sweltering factory barracks for a loaf of bread a day (! ) — How can a European bargain with those who are not able to scare him "proportionate retaliation" …

The trend of the future Russophobian regimes in the former Soviet Union has already generated. Now — they do not need anyone to create those products that are necessary, do not let the market's own forces to insist on justice from none, nor is there a way to protect themselves from direct robbery and direct requisition of the powerful of this world.

They are required to become a graveyard unsafe waste biomass source slave, he is standing at the bottom of the food chain, will leave the most useless leftovers in the global division of labor. They can lure as shepherds, against Russia — again, just as she is. More to anyone why they are needed. Hard to understand what they were required to care for them Russian, people of many philanthropic strange, but just realize that no one, apart from Russian, they are not necessary.

In a world ruled by the ideology of the Club of Rome, according to which it is necessary to reduce the population of the planet in order to save her from overpopulation and resource depletion. Who will be cut first? Do you think blonde and smuglyavyh own children? Please wake up you are, after all, gentlemen russophobes! First, the population of the planet will reduce the expense of people like you, defenseless inefficiency and quacks who do not like counting humanitarian assistance to eat, can not.

For you — who escaped from a Russian home — no one is entered. The world is cruel. Choosing it too tough — or own a knife, or you strangers. So choose me … And why, pray tell, are necessary if an impartial look? Where are your factories, gentlemen Baits? How are you with creating, gentlemen Ukrainian zapadentsy? You do not have them and can not be, because without the Russian market, they are not necessary.

There can be no growth of political rights and freedoms in a society that degrades in the manufacturing and technological terms. The falling economy or creates a dictatorship or chaos ochlocratic, paralyzing all normal life. Political terror, about which we have primitive thinking that it is the essence of a whim of despots and psychopathology, in fact came into force on steel need low-tech societies. In such societies, the vast majority of the population — for the survival of society — must deal with black Zapyataev, blunt, slave labor. Either that — or extinction.

How you will make a living, real man which not intoxicated or under anesthesia, watching black Zapyataev, blunt, slave labor on his his will? It is clear that such bit of it ourselves and our own kids do not hunt, and its hard to even condemn it. Give him the will of the (democratic respect for the rights of the individual) — he will hold a meeting for his years right sit in a clean office, and the fields are left fallow and begin hunger …

Because low-tech society gives rise to despotism and terror. People are being kicked in the scope of a dirty and nasty, but necessary labor society of violence, intimidation, oppression, will and capability to resist opportunities to asking questions — "why am I here myself groblyu and Opanasenko in parliament in session?". So live and survive low-tech society.

And all societies in t
he CIS, including Russia and the Mother, unfortunately, low-tech and moving toward the archaic manufacturing processes. Even the Russian machine-tool runs from the latest models of machines for release yesterday, the day before yesterday outdated models. As technological degradation may affect the political democracy? Naturally, only as its coagulation factor …

There are geopolitical factor — according to him should surround Russia is not democratic, and fierce fascist terms "sanitary cordon". Because of this global democracy is spreading in the post-totalitarian most rabid Nazi and terrorist regimes. What impresses you? You are in your own garden in beds stabbing thorns plant will not, and here on the perimeter of the garden as a hedge — and why not?

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