Fazotron creates the foundation for the radar of the 6th generation


Corporation "Fazotron-NIIR", celebrating these days its 95th anniversary, creates a scientific basis for the development of radars for combat aircraft of the 6th generation, the general designer of the corporation Yuri Andrei.

  • Radar with an active phased array "Zhuk-AE"
  • Radar with an active phased array "Zhuk-AE"

"In combat aircraft will be implemented next generation technologies, which until recently were regarded as something fantastic. The aircraft will be not just a "soldier", he will become a multifunctional complex combat, and its avionics will play the role of an intellectual center, providing a solution — together with the pilot or automatically — all tasks associated with providing offensives aircraft and its self-defense ", — said Yu.Guskov.

According to him, looking to the future, the corporation "Fazotron-NIIR" comes from the need for a digital phased array antennas with a subsequent transition to conformal AESA that can fit into the fuselage of the aircraft. "Having this technology media, you can greatly improve the reliability and reduce the cost," — said Yu.Guskov.

He noted that the experts also predict that the plane of the 6th generation will have a "smart" skin glider with integrated microsensors, providing all necessary information about a combat situation, the features of the terrain, the location of their forces and resources and information about the enemy, allowing confidently classify targets and decide on their destruction. "In such an embodiment, the glider will trim like a single transceiver locator" — said Yu.Guskov.

He noted that in order to remain competitive corporation "Fazotron-NIIR" seeks all the time to be proactive.


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